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Advanced Manufacturing

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Explore the heartbeat of Kawartha Lakes' economic landscape – our robust and thriving manufacturing sector. Known for its diverse range of industries, our city stands proud with a manufacturing base that significantly contributes to growth and prosperity.

The success of this sector is grounded in our strategic location, a skilled workforce, and access to essential resources. From automotive parts and machinery to food processing and advanced technology, Kawartha Lakes' manufacturing sector spans a broad spectrum, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Benefiting from a supportive business environment and various government initiatives, innovation thrives here, encouraging new investments. This ensures that our manufacturing sector remains a driving force in Kawartha Lakes' economic future.


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Kawartha Lakes expanding manufacturing sector

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Access to markets
Nestled 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, Kawartha Lakes boasts easy access to both Canadian markets and US connections via highways 407, 401, 35, and 115, cutting distribution costs for manufacturers.
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Labour Force
289,400 regional workforce, 39,000 regional apprentices and trade certified workforce, 298,500 regional post-secondary students.
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Available space
There are many options available for purchasing or renting office, commercial, and industrial properties in Kawartha Lakes.

Michael Platt, CEO Carma Corp.

"I am just so proud of the culture and the team that we’ve built. We’ve been able to do what we’ve been able to do only because of one key aspect and that’s the people that we have. It’s this relentless dedication, commitment, grit and that’s a function of the people that we’ve been able to hire and onboard."

- Michael Platt, CEO Carma Corp.

Market Research

Our market research tools will assist you in making informed decisions by providing insights into the latest business indicators for Kawartha Lakes.


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