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Bids and Tenders

The City has a Procurement Policy, Procurement Management Directive, Sustainable Procurement Policy and provides Standard Terms and Conditions of purchase information. All purchasing activities are objective and transparent.

Current Procurement Opportunities

The City posts procurement opportunities on Bids and Tenders. Submissions are received electronically through the Bids and Tenders platform.


 See the City's current bids 


Co-operative Purchases

The City of Kawartha Lakes intends to participate in one or more procurement opportunities that may be posted by the following buying groups for the period of January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024:

For more information and access to any current procurement requests, please refer to the buying group's website.

Vendor Management Program

The purpose of the Vendor Management program is to:

  • Streamline the quotation process;
  • Ensure City health and safety standards are met; and
  • Ensure product and service quality standards are met.

Vendors wanting to do business with the City must complete the Vendor Registration form. You will be required to submit a copy of your insurance, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board certificate and possibly your health and safety policy and detailed account rate profile.

How to do business with Kawartha Lakes

Register online by filling out the electronic form and submitting all required information.

Once the form is completed and submitted, it will go through an evaluation process and you will be notified of whether you have been placed on the preferred vendor list or not. 

Vendors will be on the preferred vendor list for a two year period. To remain on the list, vendors must re-register with the City before the two-year period expires.

Once a vendor is on the preferred vendor list, City departments may contact vendors on the list for quotes.

Quick Facts

  • All vendors are required to register to do business with the City;
  • Registration form can be filled out on the City of Kawartha Lakes Procurement website;
  • Documents and information to be submitted include an insurance certificate and references;
  • Being on the preferred vendor list does not guarantee work with the City;
  • Being on the preferred vendor list does not automatically register you for any procurement documents the City releases;
  • Vendor performance will be evaluated during and upon completion of a project;
  • Any objections on a decision of vendor performance or the preferred vendor list, must follow the appeals process outlined in the Vendor Performance Management Guidelines.

Contract Management and Vendor Performance

Contract management enforces accountability with managing quality of work, budgets and schedules for City staff and vendors.

Performance evaluations are mandatory for all service and construction projects greater than $50,000 but are discretionary for the purchase of goods or for projects less than $50,000.

The roles and responsibilities for City workers and vendors are defined in the Vendor Performance Management Guidelines. Occurrence Reports and Performance Reports will be completed as part of the program.

Vendors will receive copies of all reports for the work they have completed for the City.

  • Vendor Registration Form

If you have any questions, feel free to E-Mail Vendor Management.

Program Details

The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, contractors and visitors. To promote this type of environment, the City created a vendor management program outlining the following; roles and responsibilities of City staff and vendors; criteria and processes for performance evaluation; regulations and standards for environmental, health and safety; and processes for communication between the City and its vendors. You can find a more detailed outline of the Vendor Management Program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new program?

The vendor management program is split into three parts; vendor prequalification; environmental, health and safety; and vendor performance.

Why is it important?

The program will enforce accountability for City staff and vendors with managing quality of work, budgets and schedules.

Why do I need to register?

A vendor needs to register in order to ensure they are on the preferred vendor list and are able to do work with the City.

How does it benefit me as a vendor?

Vendors will benefit from this program as the streamlined invitation process will allow vendors to register and qualify to be on the City's preferred vendor list for a two year period. It will ensure vendors are following proper safety and reporting standards and allow vendors to know exactly what is expected of them and City staff when it comes to a procurement process, adhering to contracts and performance related activities.

How does it benefit the City?

Through the prequalification process, City staff will have a more efficient process for obtaining quotes for the good or service they require. The environmental, health and safety and performance pieces of the program will ensure all vendors conducting work with the City will be performing to City, as well as, Ontario legislated and regulated standards. The program will also help vendors and City staff adhere to project timelines, budgets and maintain an overall appropriate quality of work.

Is it mandatory? What part is discretionary?

The prequalification process is mandatory for any vendor wishing to provide goods or services to the City. No part of the program is discretionary.

How do I register to be prequalified to do business with the City?

  • Prequalification registration form

Can I do business with the City without being "pre-qualified"?

Before doing business with the City, vendors will be required to register using the online form. Those vendors who are not pre-qualified will be required to do so before commencing work.

I am a small contractor with few employees. Does the prequalification process still apply to me?

Yes it does. All vendors, no matter how many employees they have, are required to register.

Is there an appeals process for both vendor performance and the prequalification list?

Yes. In the event of a dispute over the final Vendor Performance Report or the prequalification list, the vendor will have seven (7) days of receiving a copy of the final evaluation or decision in which to appeal in writing to the Director of Corporate Services. A disputes committee will hear details of the appeal from both the vendor and City staff. Upon weighing of the facts of the appeal, the disputes committee will pass a decision, which will be provided in writing, to the vendor and City staff.

What information do I need to submit when I register?

The following information is to be submitted:
  • Current insurance certificate with a minimum $2 million of general liability and $2 million automobile liability (owned and non-owned) coverage
  • Three references (municipal references preferred)

Where do I send my questions?

If you have questions please E-Mail Vendor Management.

How long will I be on the prequalified vendor list?

Two years

If I am on the list, does that mean I am guaranteed work?

No, being on the list does not guarantee work with the City.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

The amount of time it will take to process an application will depend on if a submission is received with required and accurate information.

How is my information being collected?

Vendor information is being collected by using the online registration form located on the City's website.

Where is it being stored?

The information is being stored on the City's shared site called SharePoint.

Who will have access to the information?

City of Kawartha Lakes departments will have access to the information.

What happens to my information when I am no longer on the preferred vendor list?

All information submitted by the vendor will be destroyed.

Why do I have to reapply in two years and what does that process look like?

A vendor is required to reapply every two years in order to ensure a fair process and that the City receives updated information. The process will be the same as when you first registered by filling out the online form.

Is there a limit to the number of prequalified vendors per category?

No. At this time, the City will be adding all qualified vendors to the list.

How will the program impact my future bid submissions?

This program will impact future bid submissions by making it mandatory for vendors to be registered with the City before commencing work. Once a vendor is registered, they will not have to register again for any future jobs, until the two year period has expired.

Will I receive a copy of the final vendor performance report?

Yes. Once the form has been reviewed by City staff and a recommendation provided, the vendor will be provided with a copy of the form.

More questions?

If you have any questions please E-Mail Vendor Management.

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