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Explore the artifacts and archives that tell the stories of the people and places who helped shape Kawartha Lakes.

The care, management and organization of the artifact collection is guided through Kawartha Lakes Artifact Policy, as well as its Archival Policy, and its subsequent Management Directives. Staff collaboratively work and partner with Kawartha Lakes residents, community associations and businesses to ensure significant Kawartha Lakes based objects and records are identified, acquired, preserved and made accessible.

The artifact and archival collections are also guided by best practice in collections management, staff, volunteers, and external experts that take great care to gather, research, document and preserve the collection.

Kawartha Lakes holds its artifact and archival collection in trust for the people of Kawartha Lakes.

We are working behind the scenes to catalog all items to have them and their stories available for everyone.

We will be highlighting more artifacts as their history’s come to light.

Do you have an artifact or archival item that tells a story of any of the Kawartha Lakes communities and you would like to donate it to Kawartha Lakes?

Donating and Frequently asked Questions

Add your story to any one of these great projects:

Artifacts and Archives
The Artifact and Archival Services program in Kawartha Lakes focuses on documenting, preserving, and promoting 3D artifacts and 2D archival collections
Image of Recipe Box
Recipe Revival
Using recipes from the City of Kawartha Lakes archives, as well as recipes submitted by the community, we will not only celebrate the exceptional heritage behind the food, but perhaps have a new tasty treat to try!
Moments and Memories
Moments and Memories
Step into another time and discover the moments and memories of places and the people who used to, or still do, call this place home.

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