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Curatorial Services

Curatorial Services

Explore the artifacts that tell the stories of the people who helped shape Kawartha Lakes.

Curatorial Services seeks to celebrate the heritage of Kawartha Lakes by not only documenting, preserving and promoting the City’s three-Dimensional (3D) artifact collection, by exploring and showcasing our unique stories.

Administered through the Economic Development Office, in partnership with the Fenelon Museum Committee of Council, the City holds in public trust for the people of Kawartha Lakes a fascinating collection that is comprised of 8,000 to 10,000 artifacts.  These holdings are not only material expressions of a community’s history, but act as tangible witnesses to the past and present ways of living.

About the Program

What is an Artifact
An artifact is a three-dimensional object created or produced by humans; a product of human art, craft, or workmanship.
Program Objectives
  • Maintain to the highest professional standards, the artifacts collection owned, in trust, by the City of Kawartha Lakes.
  • Collaborate with internal and external organizations to celebrate and advocate for the regions heritage.
  • Provide support for organizations needing artifact documentation and care.
Artifact Policy

The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes recognizes that [artifact care] is a valuable cultural asset that expresses the cultural identity and heritage of all those who call the Kawartha region home, both historically and contemporary.

All of the artifacts in the City’s care are used to interpret the Artifact Mandate, as established in the Artifact Policy CP2022-011.


‘…is committed to the collection, preservation and making publically accessible tangible objects that are considered to be significant to, and representative of, the human and natural history of the Kawartha Lakes region from first settlement to present day.’

And does its best to adhere to this statement when accepting offers of donation into the permanent collection.

Intangible Stories Map

Township of Emily Fire Department Stamp

The Kawartha Lakes Stories Map highlights the intangible cultural heritage of Kawartha Lakes. The map places each story at the location in which it took place and presents the stories chronologically. The map is interactive and allows you to add your story and contribute to the diverse and evolving cultural identity of our communities.

May is Museum Month

May is Museum Monthimage of May is Museum Month is a program of the Ontario Museum Association (OMA) and celebrated by Ontario’s museums, galleries, and heritage sites, many of which are located in Kawartha Lakes! It is an opportunity to celebrate the vital contributions of museums not only to their local communities, but the Province of Ontario and beyond! 

Visit and explore the amazing contributions to heritage that are showcased in all museums and galleries in Kawartha Lakes.

Museum listings

From the Ontario Museum Association, “May is Museum Month coincides with International Museum Day on May 18th. With this year’s theme of “Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing”, we want to encourage all Ontarians to come together and realize the full transformative potential that museums have for sustainable development and wellbeing!”

Maryboro Lodge, the Fenelon Museum

The artifact collection is primarily exhibited at Maryboro Lodge, the Fenelon Museum and at other civic venues. Artifacts that are not currently part of temporary or permanent exhibits are carefully stored to ensure their preservation. Visit Maryboro Lodge, the Fenelon Museum!

Maryboro Lodge is reopening for the season on May 20th with a celebration to commemorate 60 years of being a museum! Celebrate this amazing milestone with tea, in memory of the Abbott sisters who used to operate Maryboro Lodge, and a full day of free family activities!

      Maryboro Lodge        Maryboro Lodge

                              Maryboro Lodge, 1924                                                           Maryboro Lodge, 2019
       City of Kawartha Lakes Collection, Maryboro Fond        City of Kawartha Lakes Planning 0001, Spring 2019

Connect with the Collection

The City of Kawartha Lakes is home to over 8,000 historical objects and artifacts. Click on the images below to explore some of the unique and interesting pieces that speak to the history of the region.

Virtual Exhibits

Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Ribbon
Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Ribbon
1910 CKL Artifact Collection, 2001.009.007
Baddow United Church Commemorative Plate
Baddow United Church Commemorative Plate
CKL Artifact Collection,

Donating Artifacts

The City of Kawartha Lakes appreciates your interest in helping preserve the regions heritage and build its collection through donation. If you have items you are interested in donating that reflects/represents the natural and cultural heritage of Kawartha Lakes (a person, family, community, business, landscape or organization), please contact the Economic Development Officer- Curatorial Services to schedule an appointment. 

We ask that you do not leave items unattended at City facilities within or outside regular hours of operation.

The City of Kawartha Lakes does not accept items that are of Indigenous origin, but will assist in the repatriation of items.

The City of Kawartha Lakes does not accept human remains such as skeletons, human bones or biological tissue. Some exceptions may be made for items of mourning and personal mementos.

For information regarding the City’s Archival collection and their services, please visit Records and Archival Services. They house and care for the City’s recent and historical records as well as some special collections. They are currently accepting donations of paper records, photographs, and other textual documents.

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