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Development Applications

We are currently in the process of updating all of our forms and applications to be more user friendly and accessible. More forms and applications will be available online soon. We appreciate your patience while we work to serve you better.

The Planning and Development division of our Development Services department is responsible for processing the following development applications:

Official Plan Amendments

An Official Plan Amendment is a formal document that changes the City's Official Plan. Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the City or because of requests from property owners.

An approved official plan can be reviewed at any time. The City must hold a public meeting at least once every five years to determine whether the plan needs to be changed.

Under the Planning Act, the City of Kawartha Lakes has the authority to review and approve amendment applications.

The Official Plan Amendment application process:

  1. Schedule a pre-submission meeting with Planning and Development staff by calling 705-324-9411 extension;
  2. Complete an Official Plan Amendment Application form and submit to the Planning and Development division along with the associated fee and all supporting documentation;
  3. The Planning and Development division will circulate your application to other divisions and external agencies for review and comment;
  4. The City will give notice of at least 20 days and hold a Public Meeting to review your application. Comments will be received from Council and the public;
  5. Studies submitted with your application may require a peer review. If a review is needed a $2,200 deposit against actual costs is required;
  6. Council will make a decision on your application;
  7. Council will send a Notice of Decision to the applicant, every property owner within 120 m of the subject property and any person or public body that has requested to be notified within 15 days of the decision being made;
  8. Once the Notice of Decision has been given there is a 20 day appeal period;
  9. Appeals are forwarded to the Ontario Municipal Board within 15 days of receipt.

This information is for guidance only, and should not be construed by anyone as a right to development approval if the steps indicated are followed.

Application for Official Plan Amendment evaluation

When considering an official plan amendment Staff evaluates the merits of the proposal against criteria such as:

  • the Provincial Policy Statements and Growth Plan
  • conformity with the existing Official Plan Policies
  • conformity with the City's Vision Statement
  • information and studies provided by the applicant
  • adequacy of vehicular access, water supply and sewage disposal
  • changing economic and development circumstances

Rights of Appeal

Appealing a planning decision to the OMB is a serious matter.  It can take considerable time and effort and in some cases, money for everyone involved.  A hearing may last only a few hours if the matter is quite simple, but for more complicated matters, a hearing can last for several days or even weeks.

Appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB):

  • A proponent of an Official Plan Amendment may appeal to the OMB if Council fails to give notice of a public meeting on a Request to Amend within 45 days of the receipt of the prescribed information by the municipality;
  • A proponent of an Official Plan Amendment may appeal to the OMB if Council refuses or fails to act on a request to amend within 90 days of the receipt of the prescribed information by the municipality;
  • Any person or public body may appeal Council's adoption within 20 days from the date the Notice of Adoption is given;
  • Any person or public body may appeal to the OMB, if the approval authority fails to give notice of its decision regarding part(s) or all of the plan/amendment within 90 days of the receipt of the prescribed information by the approval authority.

Notice of Appeal must be filed with City Clerk and accompanied by written reasons for the appeal and the fee required by the OMB. In your notice of appeal you must specify if you are appealing all or part(s) of the amendment. The City must send your appeal with the accompanying materials and the appropriate fee to the OMB within 15 days of the receipt of your appeal.

In cases of appeal, the OMB will hold a hearing. You will be given the chance to present your case. The OMB can allow or dismiss your appeal, approve, approve as modified or refuse to approve all or part of the plan or amendment. The OMB also has the power to dismiss an appeal without holding a hearing.

The OMB will make a decision based on the facts presented at a hearing.

The OMB is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for hearing land use planning appeals.

Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with third party OMB appeals and municipal peer reviews of background reports.  Deposits are required upon receipt of an appeal and/or the request for peer review in accordance with the City's Fees By-law.

Other approvals and review fees

In addition to planning approvals other approvals and permits may be required in certain circumstances. These may include:

  • companion Planning Act applications for rezoning
  • draft plan of subdivision and/or draft plan of condominium
  • approvals may be required from other agencies including the Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources or the Trent-Severn Waterway before you begin any construction

Staff will provide assistance in determining the appropriate Conservation Authority having jurisdiction over the project as well as the appropriate application fees.

The Building Division will be circulated where development is proposed on either partial or private services, which involves servicing by private well and septic systems not subject to Ministry of Environment approval.

Please note that the Conservation Authority and the Building Division may also charge additional review fees beyond the application fees.

 Official Plan Amendments currently under review

 Fenelon Falls

  • Summary Table of Conformity with Places to Grow Plan for the Official Plan of the Village of Fenelon Falls
  • Draft Official Plan Amendment Fenelon Falls
  • Draft Culture and Heritage Official Plan Amendments
  • Summary Table of Conformity with Places to Grow Plan for the Official Plan of the Town of Lindsay
  • Draft Official Plan Amendment Lindsay
  • Summary Table of Conformity with Places to Grow Plan for the Official Plan of Ops
  • Draft Official Plan Amendment Ops
  • Summary Table of Conformity with Places to Grow Plan for the Official Plan of the County of Victoria
  • Draft Official Plan Amendment County of Victoria





 County of Victoria


Site Plan Application

Condominium Conversion Application

Municipal Consents (Severances)

Part-Lot Control Application

  • Part Lot Control Application

Deeming By-Law Application

  • Deeming By-Law Application

Minor Variance Application

Rezoning Application

Subdivision, Condominium and Official Plan Application

911 Number Sign Application

  • Complete a 911 Sign Application.

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