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Development Concierge Program

Development Concierge Program

Kawartha Lakes understands the importance of having your projects constructed within scope and on-time. Constructing a new build, expanding an existing building, or relocating to Kawartha Lakes, we will provide support and assist you in navigating the intricacies of the development application process.

The Development Concierge Program is a complementary service that will assist your business with navigating the development aspects of your project. We will also connect you with a range of services offered by Economic Development including sector specific business programming and support, site selection, funding opportunities and connections to the wider business network and community in Kawartha Lakes.

Does my project qualify for the Program?

Eligible projects will meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Employment generator (10+ jobs)
  • Minimum of 2,332 sq. m. (25,000 sq. ft.) of gross floor area (new construction, expansion or is a major retrofit of an existing property)
  • Supports the growth of auxiliary business development in Kawartha Lakes
  • Project faces urgent timelines (critical timeline i.e. reliance on grant funding)
  • Complex and high profile proposal’s that represent a significant monetary investment in Kawartha Lakes, with a primary focus on business or industrial development
  • Align with one of Kawartha Lakes’ priority sectors (agriculture, tourism, culture, manufacturing, engineering/specialized products)

About the Program

 Program Objectives
  • Provide support for the City’s development review process
  • Continue to leverage and strengthen inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration
  • Collaborate with external agencies to ensure key files are streamlined
  • Provide an elevated customer service experience
  • Identify and implement innovative solutions to issues
  • Enhance the City’s public relations within the development process
Concierge Team
  • Team Lead/Concierge – Economic Development Officer – Business
  • Planning Officer, Large Developments
  • Planning Officer, Large Developments and Urban Design
  • Development Planning Supervisor
  • Chief Building Official
  • Manager, Development Engineering
Expectations and Commitments

Through the Concierge Program, the City of Kawartha Lakes and the applicant are making a commitment to each other, to work together and to see a project through to completion in a timely and collaborative manner. Both the City and the applicant have responsibilities to ensure that the working relationship established through this program succeeds.

Development Concierge Process

Development Concierge Process

Complete the confidential Development Concierge Request Form and you will be contact by the Concierge to discuss your request and next steps.

Development Concierge Request Form


If your project does not qualify for the Development Concierge Program, you have questions regarding eligibility, or would like to learn more about the Development Concierge Program, contact Lindsey Schoenmakers, Economic Development Officer - Business.

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