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Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Ribbon

Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Ribbon

Formed in 1862, the Eldon Agricultural Society’s first community event was the Annual Fall Fair located on the grounds of the old Town Hall in Woodville. Local history book, Woodville: The Friendly Village reflects, “Not withstanding the unpropitious weather, the show was a complete success.” The showing of horses was deemed to be one of the most popular events and it was declared by the judges, “to be superior to any they had seen…” This enthusiasm was shared in 1910 with William Alston ‘Al’ Greenaway’s horses. Al won first place in 1910 and he carried that love of horses, his entire life.

The Greenaway farm was located on Lot 20, Concession 13 in Mariposa and settled by Al’s grandparents William Greenaway and his wife Maria Smith, both of England, in 1851.

Shortly after his win, Al and his family moved west, first to Warman, Saskatchewan and eventually just outside of Acme, Alberta, where he worked for the National Elevator Company.

Written by his wife Rowena Cullis for Acme Memories, she notes that while working for the grain company, Al also raised purebred Percheron horses, “He took them on the show circuits in the West as well as the Royal Winter Fair… he showed horses at the first Royal in 1922, winning first prize.” Reenie continues, “He won a good many prizes show pigs and cattle also, and never missed a Royal.”  

Mr. Greenway devoted his life to bettering the Acme community: coaching the local hockey team to multiple championships, serving the Village of Acme first as Councillor, then as Mayor, and through his membership at the Elks Lodge as District Deputy and Provincial President and his time spent on the local school board.

Al and Reenie had one son, John Alston ‘Jack’ Greenaway, who followed his father’s fondness for animals and became a veterinarian from the Guelph Campus of Toronto University.

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Image of Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Robbon

Eldon Fall Fair First Prize Ribbon, 1910
Artifact Collection, 2001.009.007

Image of The Greenaway Farm

The Greenaway Farm
James A. Patterson, County of Victoria Map, 1877

image of Mayor WA Greenway

Photo credit: Village of Acme Photograph Archive

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