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Moments and Memories

Moments and Memories Explore local history and stories

 Step into another time and discover the moments and memories of places and the people who used to, or still do, call this place home.

Mapping our stories enables us to preserve stories from our past, to share memories passed down through our families, and to tell others about the traditions and activities that are unique to Kawartha Lakes.

Stories are an expression of our intangible culture - the beliefs, traditions and customs that shape our behaviours, and influence the way that we see the world.

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map of William Greenaway farm

Why record stories on a map?

Mapping our “Moments and Memories" helps us discover our heritage and aspects of local culture that may not be apparent, that may not be recorded in textbooks or that may be at risk of being forgotten. It can also be a tool that helps us to see and experience our diversity. We can present multiple stories about a place, an event or celebrate our family that may have been interpreted differently by others. Neither account is necessarily right or wrong - just another perspective.

Explore some significant stories of Kawartha Lakes

Hilton Family Home, Circa 1903
The Hilton Family of Hilton's Point Road

Seeking a better life for themselves and their child, the Hilton's emigrated in 1857. 

Some names you see on road signs can serve as a window into the past, offering a glimpse of what once was and leaving us to wonder about their historical significance. On the east side of Head Lake, there is a road named after one of the first pioneering families that occupied that area called Hilton’s Point Road, named after the Hilton Family

Read on to learn about this remarkable family and their deep local roots.

Sergeant Major Glen Crowe
Sergeant Major Glen Crowe (1917-1966)

A local boy with a life altering story.

George Glendon Crowe was born is one of five children in Nogies Creek to Eva Quibell and John Crowe. After a call came out for soldiers to volunteer for a secret ‘suicide’ mission, Glen boarded a train with other fearless men and headed to Helena, Montana.

Read on to learn about the man who the Bobcaygeon Legion, Branch 239 commemorated and remembered as a true son of the village.

Charles Jenkin, 1917
The Jenkins Family of Little Britain and Oakwood

English Roots in Little Britain.

Read the story of the Jenkins Family, beginning on December 29, 1846 with the marriage of James Jenkins and Fanny Beer. Many of their children found their way to North America after James' passing. Of the  10 children who survived into adulthood, 7 of them moved to North America in which 6 moved to Ontario and 2 of them built their lives in Kawartha Lakes.

Read on to learn about this family and their deep roots in Kawartha Lakes

Laughlin McQuarrie on Carriage
The McQuarries of Concession 3, Eldon Township

From lowly beginnings to international success.

Lauchlin and Isabel McQuarrie were well-known figures in Argyle for over seventy years. They – like many Scottish and Irish migrants – were fleeing the effects of agricultural famine in the old country, and arrived in Canada sometime between 1850 and 1852. Together, they had eight children who they raised in a log house on the Third Concession of Eldon Township. Their kids all led remarkably different and interesting lives.

Read on to learn more about the McQuarries and their descendants.

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