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Moments and Memories

Moments and Memories Explore local history and stories

Step into another time and discover the moments and memories of places and the people who used to, or still do, call this place home.

Mapping our stories enables us to preserve stories from our past, to share memories passed down through our families, and to tell others about the traditions and activities that are unique to Kawartha Lakes. Stories are an expression of our intangible culture - the beliefs, traditions and customs that shape our behaviours, and influence the way that we see the world.

Mapping our “Moments and Memories" helps us discover our heritage and aspects of local culture that may not be apparent, that may not be recorded in textbooks or that may be at risk of being forgotten. It can also be a tool that helps us to see and experience our diversity. We can present multiple stories about a place, an event or celebrate our family that may have been interpreted differently by others. Neither account is necessarily right or wrong - just another perspective.

Add your story to any one of these great projects:

Image of Palestine Community Centre Plate
Connect with your Collection
Explore the artifacts and archives that tell the stories of the people and places who helped shape the City of Kawartha Lakes.
Image of recipe box
Recipe Revival
Using recipes from the City of Kawartha Lakes archives, as well as recipes submitted by the community, we will not only celebrate the exceptional heritage behind the food, but perhaps have a new tasty treat to try!
Image of school and children
Artifacts and Archives
The Artifact and Archival Services program in Kawartha Lakes focuses on documenting, preserving, and promoting 3D artifacts and 2D archival collections

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