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Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity

The Pathways to Prosperity Program is now complete, and applications are no longer being accepted. For more information on careers in high-demand sectors locally, please see the Mariposa Dairy and Pie Eyed Monk videos and Career Ladders below.

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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.



Career Ladders

Advance your skills and learn what it takes to move up the career ladder! These career ladders will help to identify potential career pathways from entry-level positions to more skilled and higher-wage jobs within the industry.

These interactive career ladders contain information about hourly wages, job descriptions, main job duties, examples of job titles, general skills, and links to educational courses, training opportunities, and local jobs currently available in each sector.


The agriculture career ladder starts with General Farm Workers making $15.66 an hour, then Farm Supervisors and Service Contractors making $20.37, then Agricultural and Fish Product Inspectors making $25.71, then Agricultural Representatives, Consultants and Specialists making $31.09, then Entrepreneur/Business Owner with a varying salary.   The construction career ladder starts with construction trades helpers and labourers making $21.89, then Residential and Commercial Installers and Services making $22.48, then Carpenters making $28.37, then Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades making $39.23, then Construction Manager making $41.07, then Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with a varying salary.

The food service career ladder starts with food counter attendants and kitchen helpers making $15.50, then Cooks making $17.00, then Chefs making $22.00, then Restaurants and Food Service Managers making $23..50, then Supervisors, Food and Beverage Processing making $24.12, then Entrepreneurs or Business Owners with a varying salary.      The manufacturing career ladder starts with production line workers making $16.01, then Machine Operators making $22.44, then Supervisors, Manufacturing and Assembly making $26.40, then Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians making $28.68, then Manufacturing Managers making $37.99, then Entrepreneurs or Business Owners with a varying salary.


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