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Recipe Revival

Recipe Revival Celebrating our heritage through food

Kawartha Lakes has a rich history influenced by the region’s Indigenous heritage, immigration patterns, agricultural and industrial heritage, and natural assets. Around these themes, there are many unique and memorable food stories worth sharing with locals and visitors alike. Recipe Revival showcases the details of the region's history and how it has influenced local food and drink.

Using recipes from the City of Kawartha Lakes archives, as well as recipes submitted by the community, this program celebrates the exceptional heritage behind the food and offers new tasty treats to try!

Do you have a recipe with a unique story to share? Kawartha Lakes invites all residents to participate in this delicious project! Share your recipe to be included in the Recipe Revival collection.

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Explore submitted recipes

Whether you've called Kawartha Lakes home for many years or you have just joined one of our communities- the heritage, traditions and recipes that you have brought with you adds flavour to our already colourful table. Explore some of the submitted recipes, learn the stories behind them, and try them out for yourself!

Agatha Rumney
Golden Marmalade, Kawartha Lakes Museum and Archives

This Golden Marmalade recipe was written by Agatha Rumney in 1924 on a Central Restaurant menu in Coboconk. Agatha was married to Earl Cecil Hugill, who ran the restaurant. This recipe is a time machine that takes us back to the flavors of Coboconk in the 1920s.

Edward Leslie
Edward Leslie's Gingerbread

Laura’s gingerbread recipe comes from her great-grandfather, Edward 'Curtis' Leslie, a chef from Fredericton, New Brunswick, born in 1899. Edward turned his love for baking into a job and opened his own bakery. Now, Laura keeps his recipe books as family treasures. This gingerbread is not just a tasty treat, it's a way of remembering someone special.

Gumdrop cake
Light Christmas Cake by Janet Cain

Janet shared her special cake recipe that's been passed down through her family. It's a festive Light Christmas Cake filled with raisins, fruit, gumdrops and coconut. Imagine making this cake with your family during the holidays!

Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd’s Pie by Rachel Kruyf

Rachel’s Shepherd’s Pie recipe comes with a heartwarming family story. The recipe was passed down by her mother, Josephine 'Jo' DeGroot, who told her that finding the bay leaf in the pie would bring good luck. Her mother made the story up so Rachel wouldn’t be grossed out by the leaf! Now a family joke, the bay leaf tradition lives on, showcasing the delightful way culinary customs are born.

Tea Biscuits
Freda Kelly's Tea Biscuits, Maryboro Lodge Collection
Every year, Maryboro Lodge celebrates their community heritage by offering a formal Afternoon Tea. With talented pianists that join on the first piano in the Village of Fenelon, a 1868 Chickerning Square Grand, this event is perhaps one of the longest running social traditions in Fenelon Falls.
Cliff and Barbara Hooey sitting on a bench by the lake
Nana's Fudge from Barbara Hooey
Barbara Hooey made this fudge recipe every year at Christmas time. The photo shows Nana and Grampa Hooey at their family cottage in Fenelon Falls with their dog, Misty. Contributed by Kirsten Meehan, some of her best memories were spent at the cottage together.
Coleslaw on a Bun
Coleslaw from The Lady Hughes Chapter, I.O.D.E. Coronation Cook Book
This recipe was taken from the The Lady Hughes Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (I.O.D.E.) Coronation Cook Book. Formed in June 1943, members of the Lindsay chapter celebrated their tenth anniversary by compiling a list of their favourite recipes.
bowl of Salsa
Jennifer Johnson's Salsa

This is Jennifer's family recipe for salsa, using fresh ingredients straight from their garden. Choose your level of spice by adding as many, or as few, jalapenos as you like.

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