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Welcome Home! Relocating to Kawartha Lakes

Place fuels passion. Jump into Kawartha Lakes!

Living and thriving in a time of isolation has brought about new priorities for many people, from the ability to work remotely to renewed levels of work-life balance; the freedom to pursue passion projects or enjoy the expansive outdoors. Settle somewhere that offers all of that and then some! Uncover Kawartha Lakes’ exciting career prospects across a network of thriving industries, welcoming demeanour, and beloved local attractions.

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According to Destination Ontario, Kawartha Lakes has been recognized as one of Ontario's premier fishing destinations in 2023.
Kawartha Lakes was rated the #2 place in Canada to move, according to readers in MoneySense magazine.
Kawartha Lakes is an all-season playground providing endless activities for adventures, artists, foodies, and families alike to enjoy.

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Home to the Trent Severn Waterway, a National Historic Site and five picturesque locks, with space to relax while taking in the breathtaking scenery. 

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Over the years, Kawartha Lakes has become a prime location for professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional success, thanks to a supportive ecosystem that has been fostered in the area. Through a variety of funding and resource opportunities, along with an active and spirited community, Kawartha Lakes provides all of the essential ingredients for a successful journey. Watch these inspiring testimonials and success stories from those who have taken the leap and found success by Jumping In to Kawartha Lakes.

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