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Zoning By-law Project

New Zoning By-law Project
Farmers Field

Since amalgamation in 2001, Kawartha Lakes has been using the original 18 Zoning By-laws to address land development within the municipality as a whole.

While the original By-laws met development needs, the combination of outdated standards and regulations between areas has prompted the decision to create one new comprehensive Zoning By-law for the municipality.

This Project will take place in two phases: the first will address the 13 Rural Zoning By-laws* and the second phase will review the five Urban Zoning By-laws.

*The Oak Ridges Moraine Zoning By-law will be reviewed separately.

Phase One: Rural Zoning Project.

The municipality's Planning Division will be taking a close look at the current 13 Rural Zoning By-laws and will be working directly with WSP to consolidate all regulations into one. The first phase will involve an entire review of the existing rural by-laws by a Council appointed Task Force, who will be in discussion over the course of the next couple months to establish the Project schedule management and next actions. There is also a Technical Advisory Committee in place to provide input and advice on the content and format of the new zoning by-law.

In additional to the Task Force, the Planning Division will also be seeking public input through several methods, such as an a online survey, social media platforms, open houses and public meetings. Opportunities to provide your ideas and dates will be announced shortly.

Project Information

For more information on the current by-laws in place, visit the "Zoning By-Laws Section" located at the bottom of our Planning and Development Page.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please send an email to project team.
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