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Construction, Roadwork and Closures

Construction and closures

Kawartha Lakes hosts many large and small construction projects each year. For full details on projects, including public notices, proposed designs and project backgrounds, please visit our Major Projects section of the website.

Road Construction, Restrictions and Closures on Municipal 511

Applications and Forms

To request an Oversize Load Permit please call 705-324-9411

Ministry of Transportation roadwork

The Ministry of Transportation Southern Highways Program outlines plans for construction on Ministry of Transportation Ontario roads in our area.

There are four provincial highways with segments in Kawartha Lakes:

  • Highway 35
  • Highway 115
  • Highway 7A
  • Highway 7

These highways and their intersections with municipal roads are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. The Ministry usually tenders maintenance operations to private contractors.

All provincial highways within the municipality are currently tendered to Emcon Services Inc.

Emcon Services Inc.
6611 Highway 7,
Cavan Monaghan, Ontario

You will find Ministry of Transportation contact information on their website.

Road programs in Kawartha Lakes

5-Year Roads Plan: The municipality conducts a Roads Needs Study every 5 years to help assess repairs required for our 2,677 km of road network. The study groups roads into three priorities: Now, 1 to 5 years and 6 to 10 years. The study is also responsible for providing improvement costs that are incorporated into the operating and capital budgets each year. The goal of the study is to monitor and manage our road networks and provide information which is used to formulate for the City’s 5-year roads plan. This plan is a fluid plan which can be amended based on the yearly capital budgeted process.

To view a list of the current 5-year plan (2023-2027) of the following road sections based on the resurfacing programs, please see the referenced appendices below.

To confirm what projects have occurred or are occurring in the upcoming year, refer to the current capital budget.

The City presented the 5-year roads plan, for the years 2023-2027, to Council in September 2022.

Lifecycle Extension Program: in order to keep the good roads good (and off the capital improvements list including the programs below), this program identifies roads that need to be resurfaced and treated within a specified time before in order to preserve and extend their life cycle, preventing a premature replacement of the asset. This includes services such as crack sealing, surface treatment, asphalt overlays and drainage improvements.

View the report that was presented to Council on May 3, 2022

View minutes requesting additional roads

List of Approved 2022 Roads

Gravel roadGravel Resurfacing Program: There are three kinds of roads in Kawartha Lakes: Hot mix Asphalt, surface treated and gravel. This program identifies gravel roads that need maintenance and repair. High volume gravel roads have an average lifecycle of 5 to 7 years, so this program aims to extend that to 10 years. 

List of Approved 2022 Roads

2022 Budget: 1.7 million

Rural roadRural Resurfacing: this program manages the low-volume rural roads, involving processes such as pulverizing distressed surfaces, performing base repairs to the road , culvert replacement and ditching as well as placing new granular materials on the road before resurfacing with two layers of High Float material (tar and chip).

List of Approved 2022 Roads

2022 Budget: 3.9 million

Urban roadUrban/Arterial Resurfacing Program: this program identifies higher traffic volume roads on the City’s arterial and collector road network within towns, villages and hamlets that require upgrades such as placing a brand new surface of hot mix asphalt overtop to provide safe and sustainable roads.

List of Approved 2022 Roads

 2022 Budget: 3.4 million

Reconstruction imageUrban/Rural Reconstruction Program: this program identifies roads that need to be completely reconstructed in Urban and Rural areas. This program addresses things like storm sewer and watermain replacements, brand new base materials and infrastructure such as gutter and sidewalk installation and drainage improvements.

List of Approved 2022 Roads

2022 Budget: 9.2 million

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