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Construction, Roadwork and Closures

Road Closures

View current closures and subscribe for road closure updates through our Newsroom page.

Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation Southern Highways Program outlines plans for construction on Ministry of Transportation Ontario roads in our area.

There are four provincial highways with segments in Kawartha Lakes:

  • Highway 35
  • Highway 115
  • Highway 7A
  • Highway 7

These highways and their intersections with municipal roads are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. The Ministry usually tenders maintenance operations to private contractors.

All provincial highways within the municipality are currently tendered to Emcon Services Inc.

Emcon Services Inc.
6611 Highway 7,
Cavan Monaghan, Ontario

You will find Ministry of Transportation contact information on their website.

Major Projects

You can visit the Major Projects section of our website to find more information about ongoing construction projects.

Fenelon Landfill Construction

The Fenelon Landfill Phase II and Final Cover Construction Project will begin onsite starting Monday July 25, 2017 until the end of August. The project is to cover areas of the landfill that have reached final contours of waste and prepare a new area for landfilling. We will work to keep any disruption of service to a minimum. Customers are asked to stay clear of any construction areas and follow directions provided by landfill attendants and signs. More information about landfills is available on the Waste and Recycling section of our website.

Applications and Forms

To request an Oversize Load Permit please contact Public Works

Municipal Consent

Utility companies require Municipal Consent in order to make installations within the City of Kawartha Lakes right-of way. Approval of a Municipal Consent is only granted to utility companies, commissions, agencies and private applicants, who have the authority to construct, operate and maintain their infrastructure within the City right-of-way.

All utility work within the City requires Municipal Consent from the Engineering department and a Road-Occupancy Permit from the Public Works department. With the exception of emergency work, no installations shall begin before Municipal Consent has been received. Companies must provide formal, detailed drawings for review that show where the utility will be placed.

Please contact the Engineering division to start the process of submitting a Municipal Consent Application.


Urban/Rural Reconstruction Program (RD1803)
Asset(s) / Project From To Community
Glenelg St. E. Huron St. Water St. Lindsay 
Hamilton St. Durham St. George St. Lindsay 
Kawartha Dr. CKL 36 Logie St. Lindsay 
St. Paul St. and Denniston St. Colborne St. E. North End Lindsay
Riverview Estates      Lindsay 
Main St. Front St. CKL 8 Bobcaygeon
Porter Rd. Hill (B/W Hwy. 7A and Lifford Rd.)     Manvers
Cameron Road  North Limit of Cameron  Highway 35 Fenelon 
Colborne St. Fenelon River Bridge Bond St. Fenelon Falls
King St. Sturgeon Rd. S. Pigeon Creek Bridge Omemee
Hilllside Dr. CKL 36 Logie St. Lindsay 
Bay St. South End Vimy St. Lindsay 
St. Peter St. South End King St. Lindsay 
Kent St. W. / Angeline St. N. Intersection     Lindsay 
Colborne St. W. / Angeline St. N. Intersection     Lindsay 
Colborne St. W. Angeline St. N. Highway 35 Lindsay 
 Urban/Arterial Resurfacing Program (RD1804)
Asset(s) / Project From To Community
CKL 6 Zion Rd. Hwy #7 Mariposa
CKL 24 Scotchline Rd.  CKL 36 Verulam
CKL 9 West End of Gutter Windmere Rd. Woodville
Sussex St. N. Kent St. W. Peel St. Lindsay
Argyle St. Nappadale St. Union St. Woodville
Maple St. John St. King St. Woodville
Nappadale St. John St. King St. Woodville
Stuart St. John St. King St. Woodville
Union St. King St. North End Woodville
Albert St. CKL 6 Grant St. Oakwood
Edna St. Hwy #7 Flora St. Oakwood
Elgin St.  Hwy #7 Albert St. Oakwood
Flora St. CKL 6 Edna St. Oakwood
Perry St. Edna St. CKL 6 Oakwood
Victoria St. Hwy #7 Albert St. Oakwood
Al's Ave. King St CKL 45 Norland
Cockburn St. Morrison St. CKL 45 Norland
King St. Al's Ave. Hwy #35 Norland
Monck St. Cockburn St. North/East End Norland
Morrison St. Al's Ave. North/East End Norland
 Rural Resurfacing (RD1805)
Asset(s) / Project From To Community
Telecom Rd. John St. (Mariposa) Coulter Dr. Manvers
Telecom Rd. Coulter Dr. Carscadden Rd. Manvers
Telecom Rd. Carscadden Rd. Porter Rd. (Manvers) Manvers
Lifford Rd. Highway #35 Beers Rd. Manvers
Lifford Rd. Beers Rd. St. Mary's Rd. Manvers
Lifford Rd. St. Mary's Rd. Porter Rd. (Manvers) Manvers
Lifford Rd. Porter Rd. (Manvers) Ski Hill Rd. Manvers
Angeline St. N. Thunder Bridge Rd. Thunder Bridge Rd. Lindsay
Angeline St. N. Thunder Bridge Rd. Willow Glen Dr. Ops
Angeline St. N. Willow Glen Dr. Kenrei Rd. Ops
Hartley Rd. Glenarm Rd. Palestine Rd. Eldon
Hartley Rd. Palestine Rd. Eldon Station Rd. Eldon
Armitage Ave. Bolsover Rd. Trent River Rd. N. Eldon
Trent River Rd. S. Beaver's Lane (Eldon) Eldon Dr. (Eldon) Eldon
Trent River Rd. S. Eldon Dr. (Eldon) Golf Court Eldon
Trent River Rd. S. Golf Court Greenwood Cres. (Eldon) Eldon
Trent River Rd. S. Greenwood Cres. (Eldon) Armitage Ave. Eldon
Trent River Rd. N. Armitage Ave. Greenwood Cres. (Eldon) Eldon
Trent River Rd. N. Greenwood Cres. (Eldon) Pinewood Blvd. (Eldon) Eldon
Trent River Rd. N. Pinewood Blvd. (Eldon) North End Eldon
Eldon Dr. (Eldon) Trent River Rd. S. East End Eldon
Greenwood Cres. (Eldon) Trent River Rd. S. Trent River Rd. N. Eldon
Pinewood Blvd. (Eldon) Trent River Rd. N. North End Eldon
Elm Tree Rd. Glenarm Rd. Riley Lane Fenelon
Victoria Rd.  Talbot River Rd. 0.15 Km North of Talbot River Rd. Bexley/Carden
Victoria Rd.  0.15 Km North of Talbot River Rd. Patrick St. Bexley/Carden
Victoria Rd.  Patrick St. Doyle Rd. Bexley/Carden
Victoria Rd.  Doyle Rd. 0.15 Km North of Doyle Rd. Bexley/Carden
Victoria Rd.  0.15 Km North of Doyle Rd. McNamee Rd. Bexley/Carden
Victoria Rd. McNamee Rd. North Mountain Rd. Bexley/Carden
Patterson Rd. Totten Dr. K.L. Rd. 30 (Verulam) Verulam
 Gravel Resurfacing (RD1806)
Asset(s) / Project From To
Ballyduff Rd. West End Porter Rd. (Manvers)
Sugar Bush Rd. (Manvers) 1.6 Km West of Janetville Rd. Corner Rd.
Lifford Rd. West End Chipmunk Rd. (Manvers)
Lifford Rd. Chipmunk Rd. (Manvers) Highway #35
Lifford Rd. Ski Hill Rd. East End
Pigeon Creek Rd. 0.9 Km West of Janetville Rd. 0.5 Km West of Janetville Rd.
Pigeon Creek Rd. West End St. Mary's Rd.
Pigeon Creek Rd. St. Mary's Rd. East End
Mount Horeb Rd. West End Highway #35
Nesbitt Line Highway #7A Malcolm Road
Nesbitt Line Malcolm Road Sugar Bush Rd. (Manvers)
Nesbitt Line Sugar Bush Rd. (Manvers) St. Alban Rd. (Manvers)
Nesbitt Line St. Alban Rd. (Manvers) North End
Lotus Rd. 0.3 Km North of Ballyduff Rd. Gray Rd. (Manvers)
Wilmont Rd. South End Drum Rd.
Wilmont Rd. Drum Rd. Telecom Rd.
Wilmont Rd. Telecom Rd. North End
Wilmont Rd. South End Ballyduff Rd.
Janetville Rd. South End Highway #7A
Micro Rd. Boundary Rd. (Manvers) North End
Fee Rd. South End Pontypool Rd.
Carscadden Rd. Pontypool Rd. Telecom Rd.
Hogsback Rd. South End Ski Hill Rd.
George St. (Manvers) West End Wilson St. (Manvers)
O'Donnell Rd. River Rd. (Manvers/Ops) South End
Monty's Inn St. River Rd. (Manvers/Ops) West End
Stonefield St. River Rd. (Manvers/Ops) North End
Pondview St. Highway #7 South End
Birch Rd. (Mariposa) Cambray Rd. East End
Opmar Rd. Highway #7 Thunder Bridge Rd.
Opmar Rd. Thunder Bridge Rd. Quaker Rd.
Opmar Rd. Quaker Rd. Peniel Rd.
Opmar Rd. Peniel Rd. Black School Rd.
Opmar Rd. Black School Rd. Cambray Rd.
Goose Lake Rd. Hartley Rd. Fenel Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Hartley Rd. Fenel Rd.
Birch Point Rd. (Fenelon) Demoe Rd. Hollowtree Rd.
Birch Point Rd. (Fenelon) Hollowtree Rd. Glenarm Rd.
Wood Rd. (Fenelon) West St. S. Beatrice Dr.
Beatrice Dr. Wood Rd. (Fenelon) South End
Raby's Shore Dr. 0.6 Km North of Wood Rd. Raby St.
Jenkins Rd. K.L. Rd. 121 West St. S.
Wagar Rd. Admiral Dr. Gillis St.
Daytonia Beach Rd. Long Beach Rd. Pleasure St.
Daytonia Beach Rd. Pleasure St. North End
Pleasure St. Daytonia Beach Rd. Glenvale Dr.
Pleasure St. Glenvale Dr. East End
Glenvale Dr. Pleasure St. South End
Jones Ave. Long Beach Rd. Heron St.
Jones Ave. Heron St. Heron St.
Heron St. Jones Ave. Jones Ave.
Country Lane (Fenelon) Naylor Rd. Long Beach Rd.
Country Lane (Fenelon) Long Beach Rd. Highway #35
Naylor Rd. Strawberry St. Country Lane (Fenelon)
Green St. E. Murray St. East End
Pasture Rd. K.L. Rd. 36 North End
Kennedy Bay Rd. Elder St. North End
Wilderness Park Rd. Main St. East End
Acrevale Rd. Highway #7 Grassy Rd.
Lawson Court (Emily) Scenic Hill Rd. West End
Mill St. S. (Omemee) Rutland St. E. Mary St. E. (Omemee)
Sturgeon Rd. S. (Omemee) Rutland St. E. South End
Palestine Rd. Simcoe St. (Eldon/Mariposa) Farms Rd.
Palestine Rd. Sandringham Rd. Moor Rd. (Eldon)
Palestine Rd. Moor Rd. (Eldon) Kirkfield Rd.
Newman Dr. (Eldon) Smith St. (Eldon) King St. (Eldon)
Newman Dr. (Eldon) King St. (Eldon) K.L. Rd. 46 (Eldon/Mariposa)
Smith St. (Eldon) Newman Dr. (Eldon) Lorneville Rd.
King St. (Eldon) Newman Dr. (Eldon) South End
Riley Lane Elm Tree Rd. 1.0 Km East of Elm Tree Rd.
Riley Lane 1.0 Km East of Elm Tree Rd. Birch Point Rd. (Fenelon)
Riley Lane Birch Point Rd (Fenelon) Birchwood Lane (Fenelon)
Whitetail Rd. Killarney Bay Rd. Balsam Grove Rd. (Fenelon)
Whitetail Rd. Balsam Grove Rd. (Fenelon) Kagawong Rd.
Whitetail Rd. Kagawong Rd. Country Lane (Fenelon)
Otter Rd. (Bexley/Fenelon) Rockway Trail Omega Rd.
Bayview Rd. (Fenelon) Highway #35 South End
Lift Lock Rd. W. Kirkfield Rd. Deer Run Lane
Lift Lock Rd. E. Rocky Ridge Rd. East End
Hillcrest Ave. Portage Rd. North End
Rutherford Rd. Sturgeon Point Rd. North End
Hawthorne Lane Hickory Beach Rd. West End
Hickory Beach Rd. South End Sandy Point Rd.
Crimson Lane Bayview Estate Rd. East End
Cosh's Rd. K.L. Rd. 8 South End
Gold St. Blythe Shore Rd. West End
Silver St. (Fenelon) Blythe Shore Rd. West End
Crystal St. Blythe Shore Rd. West End
Bronze St. Blythe Shore Rd. West End
Dunbar Dr. K.L. Rd. 30 (Verulam) North End
Cable Rd. 0.6 Km West of K.L. Rd. 8 West End
Providence Rd. K.L. Rd. 8 North End
Treeview Line St. Alban's Rd. (Verulam) Cosh's Rd.
Lamb's Rd. (Verulam) Cedar Tree Rd. (Verulam) North End
Hughes Rd. (Verulam) K.L. Rd. 121 East End
Rosco Lane Bury's Green Rd. West End
Fell's Point Rd. Moorings Dr. West End
Fell's Bay Rd. Northline Rd. Fell's Point Rd.
Potters Rd. Somerville 3rd Concession Suggitt Rd.
Potters Rd. Suggitt Rd. Somerville 2nd Concession
Potters Rd. Somerville 2nd Concession South End
Suggitt Rd. Potters Rd. South End
Somerville 2nd Concession Ledge Hill Rd. East End
River Bend Dr. (Somerville) Burnt River Rd. Reed Blvd. (Somerville)
Woodfield Dr. (Somerville) Burnt River Rd. Coronation Dr.
Woodfield Dr. (Somerville) Coronation Dr. Fur Court
Woodfield Dr. (Somerville) Fur Court East End
Fur Court Woodfield Dr. (Somerville) North End
Coronation Dr. Woodfield Dr. (Somerville) South End
Somerville Centre Rd. Burnt River Rd. West End
The Avenue Crego St. West End
Lewisham Lane Black River Rd. (Dalton) North End
Powell Lane (Bexley) French Settlement Rd. East End
Bexley/Laxton Township Line K.L. Rd. 41 (Bexley/Laxton) Thistle Trail
Thistle Trail Bexley/Laxton Township Line North End
Curls Rd. Victoria Rd. East End
Honeysuckle Rd. (Revised) K.L. Rd. 41 (Bexley/Laxton) 0.67 Km West of K.L. Rd. 41
Tumbleweed Rd. Deer Lake Rd. North End
Grozell Rd. Victoria Rd. East End
Ripley's Way Monck Rd. North End
Suter Dr. Monck Rd. Dewberry Lane
Suter Dr. Dewberry Lane Digby/Laxton Boundary Rd.
Dewberry Lane Suter Dr. South End
Laxton Township 4th Line Monck Rd. Douglas Dr.
Laxton Township 4th Line Douglas Dr. Bailey Dr.
Laxton Township 4th Line Bailey Dr. Monck Rd.
Laxton Township 5th Line Monck Rd. Sunset Beach Rd.
Little Bay Dr. (Laxton) Pine Ridge Rd. (Laxton) East End
High Point Lane High Point Rd. South End
Benson Blvd. (Laxton) Highway #35 Vern Court
Benson Blvd. (Laxton) Vern Court East End
Bexley/Laxton Township Line Highway #35 Porter Lane (Laxton)
Bexley/Laxton Township Line Porter Lane (Laxton) East End
Kelvin Rock Rd. Highway #35 East End
Lorneville Rd. 0.2 Km E of K.L. Rd. 46 Windmere Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Windmere Rd. Prospect Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Prospect Rd. Sandringham Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Sandringham Rd. Grasshill Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Grasshill Rd. Kirkfield Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Kirkfield Rd. Sandhills Rd.
Lorneville Rd. Sandhills Rd. Hartley Rd.
Mustang Dr. Heights Rd. Sturgeon Rd. (Emily/Verulam)
Mustang Dr. Sturgeon Rd. (Emily/Verulam) East End
Shrike Rd. Talbot River Rd.  McNamee Rd.
Victoria Rd.  Monck Rd. Grozell Rd.

For more information on upcoming construction projects please call 705-324-9411.

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