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Telephone Number: 705-324-3558

Nurse in Charge, Ext. 2422


Executive Director 

  • Pam Kulas, Ext. 1414


Director of Care

  • Jennifer Vanderburg, Ext. 1413


Associate Director of Care

  • Dawn Sharpe Ext. 1420


Associate Director of Care

  • Kate Carveth, Ext. 1484


Dietary Manager

  • Dawna Veldhuis, Ext. 1406


Assistant Manager, Dietary Services

  • Heather Brown, Ext. 1421


Office Manager

  • Suzy Ulbikas, Ext. 1415


Manager of Building Services

  • Jean Pereira, Ext. 1416


Manager of Resident & Family Services

  • Holly Speedie, Ext. 1427


  • Christine McNair, Ext. 1421



  • Ed Call, Ext. 1417



  • Dawn Chamberlain, Ext. 1425


Reception — Ext. 1400

Family Council Meetings via Zoom

Family council continues to attract new members to participate in making changes for our residents. This is encouraging and important to play a part in the everyday lives of our loved ones. 

Our meetings are by Zoom during this time of Covid-19, and we meet once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. However, we do take the summer months off to recharge our batteries and get outside! The rollout of vaccinations is also continuing to include more and more of our young population, which can only lead to hopefully a more “normal” way of life and being with each other. You can always reach me, Shirley Collins, at any time. 


All the best,

Shirley Collins


Staying Connected

The Life Enrichment Team  would like to thank the family members who have reached out to us to set up the FaceTime and video chatting calls with their family members at Victoria Manor. The schedule fills up quickly which means we have happy Residents who get to see the faces of their loved ones during these unprecedented times.


Victoria Manor has moved to team member cohorting as an additional safety precaution as Covid-19 cases in the region continue to rise. Each member of the Life Enrichment team has been assigned to a specific home area.  If you are interested in setting up a virtual visit with your loved one, please email the Life Enrichment Assistant responsible for their home area.


Macmillan House:

Bonnie -

Leah - (August)


Victoria House:



Vaga House:

Brianna -


Elford House:

Tina -


Virtual calls are available on Mondays and Wednesday for Vaga and Victoria and on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Elford and MacMillan.  There is some flexibility with days and we will endeavor to accommodate requests wherever possible.  Thank you in advance for your patience.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Holly Speedie, Manager of Resident and Family Services, at extension 1427 or


The Life Enrichment Team.


From the Executive Director's Desk

As the third wave flattens, we see the drop in COVID-19 cases in Ontario that we have all been working so hard to achieve. With this, long-term care homes are gradually opening up to safely welcome more visitors. We have witnessed many heart-warming reunions and more to come as we head into summer. As we celebrated seniors throughout the month of June, we were excited to hold a greater variety of activities and celebrations in their honour.  It is by pulling together that we have been able to stay strong and weather this journey. I will close by encouraging everyone to get their COVID-19 vaccine, which is widely available to all adults. Let's all take the shot for our own health, our loved ones, and Canada's seniors.


Warmest Regards,


Pamela Kulas, Executive Director


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