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Daily Activities

February Program Highlights

February 4/20 —  Bingo

February 4/18 —  Chair Yoga

February 6 —  Resident’s Council

February 10 —  Lindsay Mall Shopping Outing

February 13 —  Birthday Party with Randy Reid

February 13 —  Diner’s Club to Symposium

February 14 —  Chair Yoga in Victoria House

February 19 —  Painting with Shirley

February 26 —  A&W Luncheon


From the Executive Director

When we think of February we typically think of two common holidays that are recognized; Valentine’s Day February 14th and Family Day, the 3rd Monday in February.  As I think about these holidays, the words love and family resonate.   We often hear residents and families speaking about the wonderful care staff provide including comments such as “it’s just like family”, “they keep me so busy”,  the staff care for me so well”, “staff treat my loved one with respect”, “ am so thankful for the staff”, “they love me so much”.  It warms my heart to know that the care the team at Victoria Manor provides, exemplifies the words love and family. 


February has a fun, international holiday that is celebrated every year.  Did you know that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Random Acts of Kindness Day seeks to encourage the act of kindness within our society.   This day aims to inspire people of different cultures and backgrounds to be generous in a variety of ways.

Did you know that February is Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month and Food Service Awareness Week?  Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month recognizes that leisure, recreation and play are important components in maintaining our personal health and wellness.  Food Service Awareness Week applauds nutrition and foodservice professionals and other members of the nutrition services team for their hard work and dedication on the job. Thank you to the Life Enrichment and Dietary teams for embracing the warmth of human connection to help residents live fully every day!


This February I encourage everyone to embrace love and family, recognize those who work in dietary and life enrichment and show random acts of kindness to all. 


Warmest Regards,

Pamela Kulas, Executive Director


Family Council Update

Greeting from your Family Council !  Some families are experiencing life for their loved ones in a long term care facility for the first time. Welcome to Victoria Manor and we would welcome you to be a part of your Family Council. We provide an advocacy voice for family and friends of residents of Victoria Manor. We can affect real change and enhancements for all of the residents.  We can make recommendations for improvements to your experience at the Manor that can benefit all visitors! Please consider being a part of the solution that brings positive changes to our loved ones! We meet once a month for only an hour.  You can contact me, Shirley Collins at to become a part of this vital committee.


Shirley Collins



Why is Hand Hygeine Important?

Hand hygiene refers to removing or killing microorganisms (germs) on the hands. When performed correctly, hand hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and infections. In health care, hand hygiene is used to eliminate transient microorganisms that have been picked up via contact with patients, contaminated equipment or the environment. Hand hygiene may be performed either by using soap and running water, or with alcohol-based hand rubs.


Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month

February is Therapeutic Recreation awareness month and the theme for Ontario in 2020 is Therapeutic Recreation: power through participation. The purpose of Therapeutic Recreation is to enable all individuals to achieve quality of life and optimal health through meaningful participation in recreation and leisure. The profession recognizes the importance of the recreation experience and supports all individuals in having full access to and the freedom to choose recreation and leisure opportunities.

What Do Therapeutic Recreation Professionals Do in Your Care Community?

- Use recreation and leisure to help maximize a residents independence

- Make necessary adaptations to recreation and leisure opportunities to allow for full participation

- Educate residents, families and team members about the skills and resources required to participate in recreation and leisure

Recreation team members are dedicated to planning and implementing innovative and engaging experience for residents, ensuring that residents are able to live fully everyday. We are very appreciative of our dedicated recreation professionals!

For more information on Therapeutic Recreation, please refer to:

Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) –

British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Association (BCTRA) -

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association -



Through our Eyes

Residents’ Rights

Every month we’ve been reviewing the rights of our residents. There’s 27 rights for the residents at Victoria Manor. Each month, we do cover the rights at Residents’ Council meetings, however it’s always nice to share the rights with everyone!

"Every resident has the right not to be restrained, except in the limited circumstances provided for under this Act and subject to the requirements provided for under this Act."

In other words, you have the right to be free of restraints, except in the few situations where the law allows restraints to be used.


A restraint is anything that limits your movement and prevents you from doing something you might want to do. Some examples of restraints are:

medication or drugs,

wheelchairs with lap belts,

mittens, to keep you from scratching yourself,

bed rails, to keep you from falling out of bed, and

locked doors.


But there are some types of restraints that homes are never allowed to use. Examples of banned devices are:

roller bars on wheelchairs, commodes, and toilets,

restraints that can be released only with a separate device such as a key or magnet, and

sheets, wraps, or other items used to wrap you to prevent you from moving.




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