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Dining Services

At Victoria Manor, we take special care to prepare meals and snacks that are nutritious and delicious. We tailor our approach to meet your needs, whether that means modifying texture so it's easier for you to eat, or adjusting our menu for special diets.

We take input from our residents about our food seriously, and have a food committee, where residents provide input and feedback on the menu and food services. We revise our menus regularly and invite residents to provide us with feedback all year long. All menus are approved by each community's residents' council, and meet nutritional requirements.

Sample menu

Sample breakfast

  • French toast and sausage links
  • Special K or Cream of Wheat

Standard daily offerings at breakfast include juice, fresh fruit, white or whole-wheat toast, cheddar cheese, assorted jam, jelly or peanut butter.

Sample lunch

First choice

Soup or juice

Entree: beef chili, roll and broccoli cuts

Dessert: strawberries with whipped topping

Second choice

Soup or juice

Entree: cottage cheese fruit salad plate and muffin

Dessert: vanilla caramel cake

Standard daily offerings at lunch include water, tea, coffee, milk, break and crackers.

Sample dinner

First choice

Entree: honey garlic chicken breast with steamed rice and green beans

Dessert: cherry pie

Second choice

Entree: meat lasagna, garlic bread and Italian mixed vegetables

Dessert: tropical fruit

Standard daily offerings at dinner include water, tea, coffee, milk, bread and crackers.


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