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Erica Ehm, Ehm & Co.

Erica Ehm, Canadian icon and entrepreneur, finds new home base for production and broadcasting

Erica Ehm, Ehm & Co.

You may know Erica Ehm for her accomplished career—as a MuchMusic VJ from the 80s, a speaker, a podcaster, or most recently, an international playwright. But did you know that she is also a member of the Kawartha Lakes community? Someone who lives by her own advice to ‘be bold and ask for what you want’, in August 2019, Erica bought a quaint 4 season home in the Pleasant Point area, which she calls her home away from home.

Having lived on a horse farm in small town Hudson, Quebec as a child, Erica has longed to return to rural life, saying she feels a sense of freedom when she sees the open fields scattered with hay bales on her drives up to her home at Pleasant Point on Sturgeon Lake. “I love this community - that all the neighbours know each other and I’m among friends of all different ages. We have each other’s backs,” she said.

Erica directed a remarkable show on Zoom from a Kawartha Lakes cottage.

Though she’s spending more time away from her home base of Toronto, Erica’s career has not slowed down. Access to high speed internet has allowed Erica to write and help direct an international musical series, Outta the Books, a reimagining of Fairy Tales, from her lake house. The play was to premiere at the Edinburgh Theatre Fringe Fest, but the pandemic shut it down, forcing Erica to pivot from Pleasant Point and rewrite the show as a YouTube series. Casting was done virtually with performers from the US and UK, including stars from the UK production of Hamilton. From the comfort of her boathouse deck, Erica helped direct the show on Zoom, with actors shooting scenes from their homes against the green screens. It’s remarkable to see what was created from a Kawartha Lakes cottage.

Erica also broadcasts Facebook live shows from her lakeside home, interviewing the likes of Chantal Kreviazuk, Jessica Holmes and Jann Arden, and continues to give keynote speeches about innovation from her porch. As for what else she’s up to these days, Ehm says, “I’m currently recording interviews with past MuchMusic personalities for my podcast Reinvention of the VJ from my lake house dining room, in between Zoom calls with advertising clients for my digital marketing agency Ehm & Co. I’m mostly looking forward to chilling by the lake with a glass of wine this summer.”

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