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Honour Guard

Semper memoria - Always remembered


It is the mission of the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service (KLPS) Honour Guard to create a strong, positive public awareness of paramedicine; instill pride, professionalism and honour to the Paramedics of Kawartha Lakes; and increase the professionalism of the service. We will also demonstrate our respect for fallen comrades of the Paramedic, Police, Fire and Military communities, through ceremonial and parade functions, within the province of Ontario, the country of Canada and services around the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to elevate the status of the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Services, and the Paramedic community at large, by the provision of a strong public image in ceremonial events. This will be accomplished by presenting a professional, recognizable uniform presence accompanied by proficient, unified drill performances with an approachable demeanor following the event.

About the Guard

The KLPS Honour Guard started in 2013 with seven founding members: Andrew Rafton, Brenda Parish, Chris Barrow, Jamie Golden, Kevin Sheahan, Patrick Austin, and Trent Watson. It attended its first public event, Paramedics in the Park, in 2016.

Recruitment is ongoing and we hope to achieve a membership of 15% of the employees of City of Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service. New members go through a probation period and until they demonstrate excellence in attendance, professionalism, and drill, they remain a probationary member aka non-uniformed.

The Guard is an active member of the Alliance of Canadian Paramedic Honour Guards which has become the go-to body for all things related to Paramedic Honour Guards in Canada. The Alliance holds annual meetings across the country and KLPS Honour Guard strives to have at least one member in attendance. It also holds training programs related to drill, event funeral planning and commanding an Honour Guard.

KLPS Honour Guard plans to hold at least two annual fundraisers to help offset the costs of attending training, ceremonies, uniforms and equipment. Usually time spent doing Guard functions is on a volunteer basis.

The Honour Guard attends several events throughout the year, including but not limited to: Paramedics in the Park, public access defibrillator training, parades, Remembrance Day ceremonies, fundraisers, flag raising ceremonies, and much more. Please contact the Commanding Officer to discuss the Honour Guard attending your event.


Commanding Officer

Patrick Austin

E-Mail Commanding Officer Austin

Parade Officer

Kevin Sheahan

E-Mail Parade Officer Sheahan

Alliance of Canadian Paramedic Honour Guards

Blaine Barody

E-Mail the Alliance of Canadian Paramedic Honour Guards

Honour Guard Strategic Plan

Read the Honour Guard Strategic Plan.

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