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KLH Housing Corp.

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Where choice, convenience, and comfort are all apart of the living experience we provide to our tenants. We are proud to offer a variety of

  • affordable rents
  • market rents
  • locations
  • layouts and designs

Discover the home you have been searching for in one of our communities and make the right move.

children playing on equipment  ribbon cutting ceremony at pinegrove place senior tenants gather in common room

Visit the Housing Help Centre to apply for the home that is right for you.

Choosing your home

KLH Housing Corporation believes in providing you with options that suit your needs.

This includes coming home to breath-taking lake and mountain views or enjoying the quick pace of town.

You can raise your children in safe and friendly neighbourhoods or retire peacefully in the comfort of your own home.

Our Communities


48 St. Paul Street

48 St. Patrick Street

Property name: Flynn Garden Apartments

Address: 48 St. Paul Street and 45 St. Patrick Street

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry on site
  • elevator


19 Hamilton Street 

Property name: Hamilton Place Apartments

Address: 19 Hamilton Street

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry
  • elevator
  • seniors only (60 years and older)


70 Melbourne Street East 

Property name: Riverview Apartments

Address: 70 Melbourne Street East

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • coin laundry on site
  • elevator


20 Sussex Street South 

Property name: Sussex Place Apartments

Address: 20 Sussex Street South

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry
  • elevator


111 William Street North 

Property name: Willabond Apartments

Address: 111 William Street North

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry
  • elevator


92 Albert Street South 

Property name: Red Pine Estates Townhouses

Address: 92 Albert Street South

Bedrooms: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee



Mary Street West and James Street 

Property name: Mary and James Street Townhouses

Address: Mary Street West and James Street

Bedrooms: 2 and 3 bedroom

Parking: parking available



1 Devan Court 

Property name: Devan Court

Address: 1 Devan Court

Bedrooms: 1, 2 and 3 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee

Property details:

  • non-smoking building
  • wheelchair accessible rooms available


45 Durham Street East

Property name: Nayaro Park Townhouses

Address: 45 Durham Street East

Bedrooms: 2 and 3 bedroom

Parking: Parking available for a fee

Fenelon Falls

40 Francis Street East 

Property name: Cliffside Villa Apartments

Address: 40 Francis Street East

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • elevator
  • coin laundry on site


123 Need Street

Property name: Little Bob Garden Apartments

Address: 123 Need Street

Bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • elevator
  • coin laundry on site


Property name: Cottingham Court

Address: 8 James Street

Bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • coin laundry on site
  • elevator


6 Parkside Street

Property name: Sunrise Apartments

Address: 6 Parkside Street

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • coin laundry on site
  • elevator

57 Parkside Street 

Property name: Pinegrove Place

Address: 57 Parkside Street

Bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry
  • non-smoking building
  • seniors only (60+)


610 Mountain Street

Property name: Mountainview Apartments

Address: 610 Mountain Street

Bedrooms: 1 and 2 bedroom

Parking: parking available

Property details:

  • coin laundry on site
  • elevator

4977 County Road 21 

Property name: Whispering Pines Apartments

Address: 4977 County Road 21

Bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Parking: parking available for a fee

Property details:

  • wheelchair accessible apartments available
  • coin laundry
  • non-smoking building
  • elevator
  • seniors only (60+)

Building schematics

Please call 705-324-6401 to recieve this information in an alternate format.

Applications and forms


KLH Housing Corp. Newsletter - May 2017

Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Housing Corporation has a new logo and tag line

KLH Housing Corp. logo

Make the right move

Make the right move

Did you ever find saying KLHHC a bit of a tongue twister? Well so did we. We will now be known as KLH Housing Corp. By making this change we have better identified the company's operation with a clear statement of 'housing'. We have also created a new logo and tag line.

The butterfly icon conveys the key components of KLH Housing Corp.

  • Security through structure
  • Care through softness
  • Potential through imagery
  • Dignity through colour and symmetry

Butterfly icon from KLH Housing Corp. logo

We chose the butterfly as the icon for its resilience, symmetry, approachability and comfort which became an enclosure intertwining to form a home. The two wings of the butterfly, the tenant and the landlord, come together to form the central home element.

KLH Housing Corp. has already begun sending out correspondence with the new logo and tag line--Make the Right Move but our values and commitment remain the same: Our foremost commitment is to our tenants, to whom we will provide good quality affordable housing. In doing so, we will recognize and respect the diversity of our communities and the people we serve.

We will treat our tenants with dignity and respect, and will provide timely and effective responses to their concerns. We will provide opportunities for our tenants to express concerns and make recommendations for improvement of our facilities and services. We will strive to understand the socio-demographic profile of our tenant population, understand their needs in a holistic sense, and assist them in achieving their goals.

Here we grow again

Parkside senior's housing unit in Minden

At the end of April, Tenants moved into the new Parkside site in Minden. This is an Affordable Housing 12 unit Seniors building.

Drawing plans for 5 Bond Street

The above drawing shows plans for a 12 unit family TownHouse site at 5 Bond Street Lindsay to open in 2018.

We have also begun work on a 16 Unit addition to 48 St. Paul Street Lindsay. The addition will include 8 one bedroom units and 8 two bedroom units. Again we hope that Tenants will be able to call this home in 2018.

Friendly reminders

How to contact housing

Please call 705-324-6401 for maintenance issues and concerns. During normal business hours, you would press '1' and you will be connected with one of our Customer Relations Reps. For Emergencies only after hours, press '5' to be transferred to the After Hours Emergencies line to speak with the "on call" staff.

Please do not email or text staff for maintenance or concerns because your request may remain on their computer for some time if they are at meetings or on vacation. Calling in your concern or maintenance issue will ensure that your request is immediately put into the system and assigned to the appropriate staff. Maintenance requests can take 3-5 days.

Tenant Insurance

HSC tenant insurance logo

Tenants can now apply online for HSC Tenant Insurance. You can also apply by calling 1-866-940-5111. ODSP and OW recipients may be eligible to receive assistance with the cost of insurance, please contact your caseworker for further information.

Tenants with curb side pick up

Recycling must be placed in Blue or Green Boxes--not in bags. After pickup, please put away garbage bins and recycling boxes as soon as possible. If you have a large item to be disposed of you can obtain Large Item Stickers at no cost from KLH Housing Corp. by visiting 322 Kent Street West, 37 Lindsay Street South, or from the Community Support Worker or Staff on site in your community.

Phone number changes

If your phone number changes, please inform the Housing Office of your new number as soon as possible.

To tenants who will be turning 65

Snoopy the dog happy birthday

Please be sure to inform KLH Housing Corp. once you start to receive your pensions. This will avoid a large financial adjustment to your rent. When income changes to: OAS, CPP, GAINS, Guaranteed income supplement, or other sources of income--your rent changes.

Rose Merrit and Sharon Jackson, nominees for community members of the year award

Congratulations to Rose Merrit of Haliburton and Sharon Jackson of Minden for being nominated by their friends and neighbours as Community Members of the Year. Many thanks to all the tenants who joined in the celebrations.

Please remember...

If your community holds an event please send us your pictures. We would love to share your community events in the Tenant Newsletter.

Community resources

ConnexOntario logo

ConnexOntario provides free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness or gambling. They are funded by the Government of Ontario. Our helplines are live answer 24/7, confidential and free.

ConnexOntario operates three helplines: Drug and Alcohol Helpline 1-800-565-8603, Mental Health Helpline 1-866-531-2600, and Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline 1-888-230-3505.


Did you know that you can call by-law on the weekends and after hours? Whenever you call by-law, please also call KLH Housing Corp. so that we can document the incident. By-Law: After hours contact number 705-928-3054. Daytime contact number 705-324-9411 extension 1212.

211: Your community connection

Sometimes people do not know where to call when help is needed, 211 has over 56,000 services listed for the province of Ontario as well as volunteer and donation opportunities. 211 is your first call for free information about community, social, health and government services, and you will speak to a real person! Trained 211 information and referral specialists are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Dial 2-1-1, TTY 1-888-340-1001 or visit their website.

Earn high school credits in six weeks

Come and take a course at the Lindsay Alternate Education Centre in a welcoming and friendly environment! Classes will take place in the morning, Monday to Friday and only takes six weeks to complete a course! Earn credits toward your high school diploma, or take a course for general interest. All ages welcome!

Families participating in Easter activities

A beautiful day to have some Easter fun with children from Red Pines and Devan Court.

Maintenance matters

Did you know?

High levels of Moisture and Condensation can cause major damage to your home, especially true in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Severe water damage can be very costly and can be avoided.

When having a shower or a bath please ensure that the shower curtain is fully closed so that all water is fully contained to the bathtub. If water does somehow manage to escape onto the floor, please wipe up immediately.

To avoid moisture build up in your bathroom or kitchen use the exhaust fans which draws moist air or shower/bath steam to the outside of the home.

A regular visual check of all taps and water lines and drains will ensure that you catch any problems and will also help to prevent the possible growth of mildew.

Toilet overflows

If you flush your toilet and it appears to be plugged, first turn off the water shut off valve at the back of the toilet. Do not flush the toilet again until this valve is turned off as it may overflow.

Use a plunger to plunge your toilet to unclog it. Once the water in the bowl is almost gone, then turn the valve back on and flush the toilet. Remember to only flush once then turn the water back off and repeat plunging. Wait until the water is almost gone, turn the water back on and repeat.

Fruit flies

Fruit flies breed extremely fast and within 60 hours, the females are able to hatch, begin the mating process and lay hundreds of eggs. This then will become a very irritating infestation.

In order to eliminate a fruit fly infestation it is important to keep all fruit in the fridge (fruit flies like to lay their eggs in and on fruit). Leaving old food around for an extended period of time attracts fruit flies and other harmful bacteria. The best way to get rid of these pests in your shower is to pour bleach down the drain. The bleach will not only kill any lingering fruit flies and their larva but it will also kill any bacteria. Also important is to ensure wet clothes and towels get dried as quickly as possible. Wet and damp clothes will develop bacteria and this bacteria will attract fruit flies.

Solution to kill fruit flies:

Place about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a mug or glass. Place plastic wrap tightly over the top of the glass or mug. Poke small holes in the top of the wrap using a tooth pick. Place this on the counter for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Tenants at 71 Melbourne Street had two raised garden beds installed. We can't wait to see all the wonderful things that will be grown here this year.

Pet corner

Sign saying all pets must be on a leash and please clean up after your pet

Many KLH Housing Corp. Tenants enjoy the companionship of a pet. With pet ownership come many responsibilities. As outlined in By-Law 2012-209, every owner and other person who is in charge of a dog must pick-up and dispose of any excrement left by the pet. The by-law also advises that no owner shall cause or permit their dog to run at large. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to $500.00 and/or other legal action by the Municipality for repeat offences. Any tenant can contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Office at 705-324-9411 extension 1212. After hours contact number: 705-928-3054. If you call by-law with a concern, please also call KLH Housing Corporation so we can document the incident and take appropriate action as the Landlord. The KLH Housing Corporation Lease also limits the number of pets to a maximum of 2 pets plus 2 caged animals. All pets must be on a leash when outside the units. Please note that this includes cats.

Energy saving tips for Spring

1. Service your air conditioner

Energy conservation graphic

Replacing or cleaning the air filters can lower your cooling system's energy consumption by up to 15 percent and clean your air conditioner's evaporator coil annually.

2. Open windows

Opening windows creates a cross-wise breeze, allowing you to naturally cool your space. This is an ideal tactic in spring and fall when temperatures are mild. But in the summer, it is best to open at night and close in the day.

3. Install window treatments

Energy efficient window treatments or coverings such as blinds can slash heat gain when temperatures rise. These devices not only improve the look of your home but also reduce energy costs.

4. Bring in the sunlight

During daylight hours, switch off artificial lights and use windows and skylights to brighten your space.

5. Switch on bathroom fan

Bathroom fans suck out heat and humidity, improving comfort.

Canada's 150 years celebration

How would your community celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday? Spruce up the site? Have a community BBQ? How could your community use $150 to celebrate Canada's 150 Celebration? Don't miss your chance to encourage your community to contribute in a way that will foster a sense of belonging. We would love to hear your suggestions.

Please contact us with your suggestions

Shelly Smith - 705-324-6401 extension 3121

Kendra Fleetwood - 705-324-6401 extension 3110

Shasta Pearson - 705-457-4571 extension 26

Canada 150 logo

Canada! Let's move to our nation's play list. It's time to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, and we've got the ultimate play list to get you moving--150 activities that define our land and people--from sledge hockey to lacrosse to snow shoveling and more. So get out there, try as many as you can, track your activities and earn chances to win great prizes. Visit the Participation website for more information.

"You make the choices and then those choices make you."

If you have made choices that you are unhappy with but would like to change your current situation, please feel free to contact us at 705-324-6401. Staff can help you get connected to supports.

Meet our team

Hope Lee - Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Hope Lee

705-324-6401 extension 3102

E-Mail the Chief Executive Officer

Don Quibell - Manager of Properties and Buildings Housing

Image of Don Quibell

705-324-6401 extension 3133

E-Mail the Manager of Properties and Buildings Housing

Sandy Thomas - Program Supervisor


705-324-6401 extension 3106

Email the Program Supervisor

Kendra Allan - Accounts Clerk Maintenance

E-Mail the Accounts Clerk Maintenance


Heather Dauncey - Accounts Clerk

Image of Heather Dauncey

E-Mail the Accounts Clerk


Shasta Pearson - Property Management Clerk Haliburton County

Image of Shasta Pearson

E-Mail the Property Management Clerk for Haliburton County

Tanya Polito - Works Control Officer

Image of Tanya Polito

E-Mail the Works Control Officer

Julie Ritchie - Property Management and Tenant Placement Clerk

Image of Julie Ritchie

E-Mail the Property Management and Tenant Placement Clerk

John Allen - Building Maintenance Technician


Bill Chamberlain - Grounds Maintenance

Image of Bill Chamberlain

Al Mitchell - Facility Maintenance

Image of Al Mitchell

Kent Mitchell - Facility Maintenance

Image of Kent Mitchell

Mike Noble - Facility Maintenance

Image of Mike Noble

Tim Parr - Facility Maintenance

Image of Tim Parr

Geoff Richardson - Facility Maintenance


Dwayne Teel - Facility Maintenance

Image of Dwayne Teel

Jeff Waldron - Facility Maintenance

 Jeff Waldron

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