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Matt Geraghty, Matty G Digital

Digital marketer Matt Geraghty unplugs while staying connected in the Kawarthas

Matt Geraghty, Matty G Digital

In 2018 Matt Geraghty and his wife sold their Courtice townhouse and bought an acre property just outside Lindsay with a 3-bedroom bungalow. “We had two little boys under two years old, so we outgrew [the townhouse] quickly. We didn’t think we could ever afford a country property.”

Matt is part of a new cohort that’s jumping into Kawartha Lakes. He and his wife have been shocked at how every weekend, especially in the summers, there’s always a free event or activity to do with the kids. There’s a solid circle of support for young parents. “We have found a group of young parents, mainly through the Early Years Centre. We’re all in our early 30s, all moved here in the last 3-5 years, all from big cities. It’s great to share the stuff we are going through with small kids.”

“And since we’re just twenty minutes from Fenelon Falls and thirty minutes to Bobcaygeon, these places where people will drive hours to get to, we consider ourselves lucky that we can go for brunch or a dip in the water whenever we want.”

Success came from small town word of mouth.

Geraghty started his marketing business, Matty G Digital, in Kawartha Lakes when he saw the opportunity for a digital marketer. He became successful so quickly because of the small town referral business. “I got connected with the right people right away. People are loyal to supporting their community. It would have been impossible in the big city. Getting connected to the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Centre was the first step.

Now Geraghty is the Marketing Chair of the Lindsay Downtown Business Improvement Association, where he lends his marketing expertise. The community has led to new connections and new businesses including his Kawartha Small Business Podcast. Geraghty enjoys coming back to his country property and instantly unwinding.

“I can’t go to the Farmer’s Market in my sweats anymore,” he grins. “Every time I go out, I see someone I know.”

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