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Municipal Drains

Municipal drains are an important part of local infrastructure. They are drainage systems that remove excess water from agricultural land, ditches, residential lots and commercial and industrial properties. Drains can include:

  • ditches
  • pipes
  • tiles
  • dykes
  • berms
  • pumping stations
  • buffer strips
  • grassed waterways
  • storm water detention ponds
  • culverts
  • bridges
  • creeks and small rivers

Municipal Drainage Policy

The Ontario Drainage Act requires that areas that need drainage have enough infrastructure in place to remove excess water. The Municipal Drainage policy outlines policies and procedures the City follows to make sure we comply with all provincial legislation.

The Agricultural Drainage Tile to Roadside Ditches policy outlines when a roadside drain or ditch may be used for agricultural purposes and explains land owner and municipal responsibilities.

Drainage Board

The Drainage Board provides direction and facilitates the procedures that need to be followed as outlined in the Ontario Drainage Act and the Municipal Drainage policy.

  • View the most recent Drainage Board meeting agenda
  • View the most recent Drainage Board minutes

Agendas and minutes for future meetings are posted on the calendar.

Tile Loan Program

The Tile Loan Program provides loans to agricultural property owners to assist them in financing tile drainage projects.

You can access an Application for Tile Loan on the Ontario Government website.

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