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Paying Your Water and Sewer Bill

Payment options

To avoid penalty charges, ensure that all payments are in our office on or before the due date. The postmark date is not accepted as the date of receipt.

For convenience we provide multiple payment options:

  • pre-authorized debit - Please see the following tab for more information
  • by mail to PO Box 696 Lindsay, ON K9V 4W9
  • at most financial institutions (before the due date)
  • telephone or online banking
  • in person at any Municipal Service Centre or City Hall (credit cards are not accepted)
  • drop box at any Municipal Service Centre or City Hall
  • online by credit card (there is a charge of $6.50 for each payment up to a maximum of $250)
  • over the phone by credit card at 1-866-961-2313 (there is a charge of $6.50 for each payment up to a maximum of $250)

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

There are two plans: monthly or bill due date.

The account must be paid up to date to begin using this program. Monthly plans require 12 months of history to estimate the equalized payment. The equalized payment is calculated by totalling the 12 months of history and dividing by 11. There is an annual reconciliation date (month 12), where if a balance is remaining it is withdrawn to bring the account to zero. Credits remain on the account. The monthly equalized payment is recalculated after the reconciliation.

Reconciliation dates are:

  • Quarter 1 -October 15 each year
  • Quarter 2 - November 15 each year
  • Quarter 3 - December 15 each year

Please refer to the billing frequency to see what billing cycle you are in.

You must complete a PAD application form. The PAD plans are not transferable between houses should you sell your property and purchase another in Kawartha Lakes.

If you require assistance please call: 705-324-9411, extension 1272.

Submit a Water/Wastewater Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement Application Form

Submit a Pre-Authorized Debit Cancellation Form

Billing frequency

Bills are calculated quarterly and sent at the beginning of the month. Payments are due by the end of the month. Not all residences are billed on the same frequency. The municipality has three billing quarters.

  • Quarter 1 billing cycle: January, April, July and October. 
    If your bill starts with: 010, 031, 040, 060, 080, 091, 210, 240, 310, 340, or 420.
  • Quarter 2 billing cycle: February, May, August and November.
    If your bill starts with: 090, 092, 216, or 270.
  • Quarter 3 billing cycle: March, June, September, and December.
    If your bill starts with: 093, 095, 110, 140, 160.

Notification and bill insert

Bills are sent using Canada Post regular mail, unless you have signed up for eBilling.

Reminder notices and are only sent through regular mail. It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure we have the correct mailing address. Mailing address changes must be received in writing via mail, email, fax or dropped off in person.

Failure to receive your utility bill does not remove your responsibility to pay your bill on time. Penalty will be incurred for any late payments. 

Learn more about eBilling and receive your bills electronically

 Visit the eBilling page for information on how to sign up to receive your utility bills electronically.

2024 Water and Wastewater Rates - Effective March 1, 2024

Calculated flat rate accounts (invoice quarterly)

Calculated flat rate accounts (invoice quarterly)

$939.14/annum includes monthly charge

$715.16/annum includes monthly charge

 Mandatory connect fee (invoiced quarterly)

 Mandatory connect fee (invoice quarterly)

$200.00/annum includes monthly charge

$200.00/annum includes monthly charge

Monthly water and sewer fixed rates

Monthly Charges

 Fixed rates

Meter Size









1 1/2”


















Water and sewer consumption rates

Water and sewer consumption rates
Cubic Meter  $ 3.05000  $ 1.70000
Cubic Foot  $ 0.08637  $ 0.04814

Service fees

Service fees
Back Plate Replacement  $ 145.00
Delinquent Account Disconnection   $ 170.00
Delinquent Account Reconnection (Regular Hours)  $   100.00
Delinquent Account Reconnection (After Hours)  $  150.00
Returned Cheque  $   47.00
New Account Admin Fee  $   44.00
Water Shut-off by Request  $   83.00
Water Turn-on by Request  $   83.00
Meter Accuracy Test  $  250.00 + shipping costs
Special Meter Readings   $  116.00
Meter Size Change Request   $  200.00
Duplicate Bill   $   31.00
Duplicate Receipt  $   31.00
Registered Mail  $   37.00
Retrieval of Post Dated Cheque  $   42.00
Statement of Account   $   44.00
Transfer Payment to Different Account (Customer Error)  $   42.00
Utility Payment Certificate  $   68.00
Final Notice  $   26.00
Hand Delivery of Notice  $   37.00
Late Payment Charge 5% of the overdue amount
Transfer to Property Taxes for Collection 5% of amount transferred with $50 minimum charge

Moving in and out - Application for service form

Any time you move in or out of a property that has water or wastewater services you must complete an application for service form. If you are moving into a newly built home, please contact us to find out if the builder has made arrangements to install a meter before your closing date. Failure to return the complete form before the closing date can delay your final reading and account set up.

If you want to connect your property to municipal water and wastewater services you will need to complete a Serviceability Application. 

Fill out the Water Application for Services Form Online

2024 Water relief program for low income seniors and low income persons with a disability

Council grants eligible seniors and disabled property owners a credit of 20% of water billed in the previous year. This is applied to the account as a credit the following January. Please read the eligibility requirements and complete the Low Income Senior and Disabled Persons Water Relief Program form  to submit an application for this program.

You can pick up an application form at any Municipal Service Centre or City Hall. The deadline to apply for this program is September 30 of each year. The City does not issue refunds for this program.

2024 Water relief application for low income seniors and low income persons with a disability

High Water Bill Adjustment Policy

The High Water Bill Adjustment Policy (CP2017-006) covers various types of high consumption water and wastewater bills and how to address customer concerns.

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