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Source Separated Organics program

Source Separated Organics Program Coming Soon

What are Source Separated Organics (SSO)?

SSO is essentially food and organic waste. 30% or more of household waste is considered SSO. Every year households in Kawartha Lakes fill up 28,000 cubic metres (more than 11 Olympic-sized swimming pools) worth of landfill space with an estimated 4,500 tonnes of SSO waste.

A successful SSO program will help the municipality meet provincial policy targets and get closer to reaching our goal to divert 70% of waste from our landfills by 2048.

What does this mean for me?

Nothing at the moment! We're still working out all of the SSO program details and we're hoping to offer an SSO program to all residents in the coming years. In the mean time, we continue to encourage you to compost as a way to manage food waste at home. Composters and digesters can be purchased at our Municipal Service Centres. For more information about compositing in Kawartha Lakes visit our Waste Diversion Programs page and look for the Backyard Composting tab. 

What's next?

As we build out the upcoming SSO program, updates will be posted on this page.

Updates will also be sent out through our newsroom and social media platforms. Residents that want to stay up-to-date on all of our municipal news, including the latest on the SSO program, are encouraged to Subscribe to our Newsroom to receive all of the latest municipal news right to their email inbox. You can customize your newsfeed so that you only receive the municipal news that you're interested in!

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