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Spring and Summer operations

After the spring thaw, our Public Works department changes gears for spring and starts working to keep our roads in shape for the next season. Below is a description of the types of services you will see in the warmer months to come:

Pothole repair

Pothole repair is performed year round to meet provincial standards. Potholes are repaired on a priority basis, depending on the type of road, volume of traffic and the size of the pothole. Although we have patrol staff that inspect the condition of all roads on a rotating basis, letting us know about a pothole can help speed up the process. Report pothole concerns online by using our Report It Tool.

Street Sweepers

Street sweeping

Street sweeping begins in the spring and helps keep our roads clean by removing debris from gutters and roadsides that could potentially block storm drains.

Ditching and catch basin (culvert) clearing

Often in the spring, ditches and culverts need to be cleared of leaves and other materials that may have piled up over the winter months. Residents can help by not raking leaves into ditches. Culverts allow the passing of water over roads to help keep potholes and cracks from forming.

Culvert in road

Road grading


Each year, the municipality maintains its gravel roads by grading them as required in order to extend the life of the road. Grading a road smooths out the surface and helps pack the base down further to keep the proper shape, height and angles of the road.

Line painting

To maintain the safety and integrity of our roads, crews will reapply line paint for maximum visibility.

Line painting

Learn more about our seasonal operations by visiting our Winter Operations page.

Want to let us know about an issue or concern? Our Report It tool online sends requests for service directly to the crews in your area. Complete our online form and keep your tracking number in case you wish to call in and follow up.

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