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Street and Facility Naming

Kawartha Lakes is committed to honouring individuals and our natural surroundings by naming streets and facilities to recognize their contributions to our municipality.

Street and Facility Naming in Kawartha Lakes is regulated by the Street and Facility Naming Policy.

 Principles of Street and Facility Naming

Street and Facility naming is one way the municipality can honour the following:

  • Former elected Members of Council (including from pre-amalgamation municipalities);
  • Historic or Indigenous uses or persons;
  • Service Clubs or Organizations;
  • Geographic significance including local landmarks;
  • Veterans (as defined by the Royal Canadian Legion);
  • Sponsorships or Dedications;
  • Federal or Provincial Politicians;
  • Prominent Citizens; and,
  • Sports Figures.

Street naming holds an vital role for navigation and emergency response in our community. The following criteria are considered when selecting a new name:

  1. Names shall not be duplicates of any other name currently in use in the City of Kawartha Lakes or a nearby neighbouring municipality;
  2. Names shall be easily spelled, read and clearly understood;
  3. Names shall be made up of only letters with no punctuation included (ie. Oneill Lane);
  4. Names shall not sound similar to existing names (ie. Lynx vs Links);
  5. Names shall not duplicate existing names to the extent that only the suffix is changed (ie. Street versus Road);
  6. Streets shall not be named after existing businesses;
  7. Names shall not insinuate any political reference except where the name of a politician is proposed who was regularly elected under a political party’s banner;
  8. Names which are discriminatory/derogatory under the grounds protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act;
  9. Names of former streets shall not be reused;
  10. Continuous streets shall have one continuous name. Names of existing streets shall be used on new streets which are continuations of, or in alignment with, existing streets, except where street numbering concerns may arise; and,
  11. Indigenous names shall only be used after consultation with the appropriate Indigenous communities to ensure appropriateness, correct spelling, and to honour the heritage of the proposed name.
    • Notwithstanding Section 2.02 (b), the measure of appropriateness of the Indigenous name will be whether or not the name is easily spelled, read and understood in the local Indigenous community.
    • Notwithstanding Section 2.02 (c), an exemption will be provided where Indigenous names require punctuation.

When a suggestion is made for a name already in use, or contrary to other provisions of this policy, the municipality shall have the discretion to not include the suggested name as part of the Master Name List. Names may be added to the Master Name List with a caveat that it only be used for a municipal facility or park if it is already in use for a municipal street.

 Recommend a New Street of Facility Name

New public and private streets are to be assigned names from the Approved Street Name List. Developers may select street or park names for proposed developments and subdivisions from the Approved Street Name List, or they may also request 'themed' street names for their proposed development with the Development Services Department.

The general public may also make a request to add a specific street name to be considered for future use. The name may also be used for parks, or other municipal facilities. This is the process to add a new name to the Approved Street Name List:

  1. Review the Street and Facility Naming Policy
  2. Submit an Application to Submit a new Street or Facility Name (below)
  3. The City Clerk's Office reviews the suggested name to ensure compliance with the Street and Facility Naming Policy
  4. The application is reviewed by the Naming Group which includes the Mayor, Local Councillor(s), and municipal staff.
  5. If the majority of the Naming Group approves the name, it is added to the Approved Street Name List
  6. As new street and facility names are required, municipal staff and developers will select appropriate names from the list. If your suggested name is selected (this process may take years), you will be notified at the contact information provided on your application.

Nominate a New Street or Facility Name for the Approved Street Name List

Questions regarding this process or policy may be directed to the Office of the City Clerk: 705-324-9411 ext. 1322

 Rename an Existing Street of Facility

Kawartha Lakes City Council may consider the renaming of a street, however, due to the significant ramifications of such a change, street renaming should not normally occur except to:

  • eliminate duplication of names in the City of Kawartha Lakes;
  • to facilitate emergency response;
  • to rename a street segment(s) after a new street has been constructed either by the City or the Ministry of Transportation; or
  • to replace existing derogatory, discriminatory or outdated names (as determined by resolution of City Council).

Process for Street Renaming

Consideration of a street renaming follows this procedure:

  1. Application is submitted in writing to the Office of the City Clerk accompanied with the application fee, and correct number of applicant signatures.
  2. Office of the City Clerk to circulate to department responsible (ie. street name to Development Services and municipal facility name to Community Services).
  3. Responsible department prepare a joint report with the Office of the City Clerk to Committee of the Whole outlining the request and justification for the change or reasons why the request should be denied.
  4. Recommendation of Committee of the Whole to City Council. The following recommendations are in order.
    • Refer back to staff or Committee of Council for further research or collaboration with other agencies/community groups.
    • Deferral of the matter to another Committee of the Whole or Regular Council Meeting.
    • Approval for staff to begin an appropriate public consultation process with the affected stakeholders.
    • Denial of the renaming
  5. City Council makes its interim decision based off Committee of the Whole recommendation at the next Regular Council meeting. If denied, return application fee and send letter with Council Resolution.
  6. If approved for public consultation, City Clerk to coordinate with the Communications, Advertising and Marketing division and the local Ward Councillor and establish an appropriate public consultation process that determines the following:
    • That there is sufficient community demand to rename; and
    • The most preferred new name for the street, municipal facility, or park
  7. In the case of Street renaming, the Public Consultation process shall include one notice via regular mail to all affected property owners that City Council is considering changing the name and shall outline the complete public consultation process.
  8. The Office of the City Clerk will present the findings of the public consultation within three months of the original resolution of Council to the next appropriate Committee of the Whole Meeting.
  9. Committee of the Whole hears any public comments or deputations and make a final recommendation of a new name to Regular Council.
  10. Following the ratification of the Committee of the Whole recommendation at the following Regular Council Meeting, the Office of the City Clerk shall advertise the name change in accordance with the Municipal Act and Notice Requirement By-law (Streets only are legislated) (In the case of a municipal facility or park, etc. the same notification should apply).
  11. City Clerk to prepare the necessary by-law and present it to the next Regular Council Meeting after the three week notice requirement.
  12. If By-law passed, Clerk’s office sends out notification to Emergency Services, Canada Post, MPAC, all affected utilities, affected property owners and the by-law is registered where required.
  13. City Clerk to notify staff to have signs prepared and installed.
  14. If By-law is not passed then the application fee is returned.

Application for Street Renaming

An application may be submitted to City Council to consider the renaming of an existing street.

The application must be signed by three residents or owners representing at least three separate properties on the street proposed to be renamed.

As of January 2022, the current fee that must be submitted with the application is $297.00 (subject to annual changes). This fee may be returned to the applicant if permitted by City Policy.

Application to Rename an Existing Street

Please complete the above form, and contact the Office of the City Clerk to arrange for submission with payment of the fee.

Questions regarding this process or policy may be directed to the Office of the City Clerk: 705-324-9411 ext. 1322


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