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Street Closures

When to complete a Street Closing Application

When an event is scheduled that will close down a lane of traffic or an entire roadway which will impede vehicular traffic for any length of time; (i.e. parade, run, race, construction, etc.).

Street Closing Application

A Street Closing Application is available at all municipal Service Centres as well as on the City's website. The completed application is to be sent to the Public Works Department - Operations, at 12 Peel Street or by fax to 705-328-3054.


  • A map of the route for the road closure must be attached to the application
  • Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million must be forwarded to Jolene Ramsay, Insurance Risk Management Coordinator (information sheet is attached to permit application)
  • In the case of construction, ensure that any household garbage is taken to a central location for pickup and notification is made to Miller Waste Systems Inc. at 1-888-557-4711 regarding the road closure.
  • In the case of parades, races or other events, all debris/garbage must be picked up and disposed of by the event organizers.

Permit process

Once an Application has been received by Public Works and the above requirements have been met, the application is forwarded to the following departments for approval: Fire Department, Area Roads Manager, OPP or Lindsay Police Services, Community Services and final approval from the Director of Public Works.

Time frame

The time frame from receipt of the application to notification of approval is approximately two weeks.

Departments/agencies notified

The Public Works (Operations) Department notifies the following departments or agencies once a road closure has been approved: the Area Roads Department, EMS, Fire Department, Engineering Department, OPP or Lindsay Police Services, Area Service Centre, Economic Development, Community Services, Communications and Strategic Planning Office (Brenda Stonehouse), Lindsay Downtown BIA, Trillium Lakelands District School Board, Solid Waste Department, Transit Supervisor, Insurance Risk Management Coordinator and Area Councillors.

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