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200 Services

Kawartha Lakes offers over 200 services to its residents. Each service helps meet one of our four goals: A Healthy Environment, A Vibrant and Growing Economy, An Exceptional Quality of Life, and Good Government.

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan was developed by collaborating with our community, partners, agencies, staff and Council. Visit Jump In, Kawartha Lakes to read about the process of developing the Strategic Plan.

A Healthy Environment An exceptional quality of life A vibrant and growing economy Good government

A Healthy Environment

Ensure municipal drinking water sources are protected 
Develop and adhere to the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)
Manage and administer the municipality’s Asbestos Management Plan
Treat and deliver clean, safe drinking water across 21 water systems
Treat, collect and discharge wastewater across 6 wastewater systems
Oversee source water protection for private sewage systems 
Provice private On-Site Part 8 Sewage System Assessments
Provide tile drainage loan program to property owners
Manage curbside waste collection for over 40,000 households
Manage curbside recycling collection (blue and green bins)
Manage five active landfills and 11 closed landfills
Provide free residential drop off of scrap metal
Collect and manage household hazardous waste
Offer leaf and yard waste collection (spring/fall)
Offer mattress recycling
Offer construction and demolition recycling 
Operate and maintain the Lindsay/Ops landfill gas generator
Collect large item pickup at curbside
Offer Environmental Roundup Days
Manage and administer the municipality’s Energy Management Plan
Maintain and manage more than 9,800 acres of forest, including the annual timber harvest
Manage the urban tree program
Provide feedback to policies on renewable energy fill
Provide engineering expertise to Kawartha Conservation for Flood Plain Mapping
Provide guidance in various policy and regulatory initiatives with Provincial and Conservation Authority partners
Repair and maintain all Capital assets (buildings, fleet, equipment and infrastructure worth more than $3.2 billion) 
Utility Services - Provide utility meter reading, maintenance, installation and Utility Locates to prevent damage
Oversee management of Water Treatment Plants
Repair main breaks and conduct regular flushing
Repair and maintain manholes and fire hydrants
Provide septage services
Maintain established municipal drains and coordinate new drain construction on behalf of landowners 
Execute nine Lake Management Plans in partnership with Kawartha Conservation and landowners to keep lakes clean and healthy

A Vibrant and Growing Economy

Process Planning Act applications and resolve related appeals
Provide engineering review of designs to ensure compliance for with provincial and municipal guidelines, by-laws, and standards for (pre-consultation, minor variance, consent, re-zoning, site plan, subdivision)
Provide engineering review and provincial ministry review for all storm, sanitary, and stormwater management approvals
Provide engineering review of the design implementation for site plans (site inspections as coordinated through Planning Division, as well as, cost estimate review, servicing connection review and inspection, sediment and erosion controls inspections, stormwater management review, etc.)
Provide engineering review of the design implementation for subdivisions (pre-construction meetings, continuing construction meetings, acceptance and assumption inspections, regular field inspections, cost estimate reviews for multiple security reduction requests, review of and inspection of servicing connections, review of and inspection of watermain commissioning, review of sediment and erosion controls, review of stormwater management, including updates to the on-going operation and maintenance for compliance prior to assumption, review of input for municipal asset registry, preparation of assumption reports to Council/Committee, etc.)
Review and approve subdivision agreements and site plan agreements
Plan, design and build all new municipal capital projects (buildings, roads, bridges, arenas, parks, etc)
Provide mapping services to staff and stakeholders
Provide coordination for the utilities working within the municipality
Develop municipal engineering requirements, guidelines, templates, and standards for development processes
Provide zoning and site plan compliance requests
Develop and monitor policy and by-laws related to future growth and community development
Provide planning and development information on various processes
Oversee the process for severance, rights-of way, easements and other changes to property boundaries
Issue patio licence agreements
Issue liquor licences and extensions
Issue building permits
Issue permits for private septic systems and swimming pools  
Develop sign-by law and issue permits
Issue business and related licenses (lottery, taxi, business, etc.)
Issue permits and registration of Accessory Dwelling Units
Issue Heritage Permit Applications
Process applications from farmers for livestock kills
Oversee the process for fence disputes
Ensure the Ontario Building Code is enforced for public and environmental safety
Enhance tourism through marketing initiatives (
Oversee Kawartha Choice Farm Fresh marketing program for local food producers
Provide small business start-up consultations and learning opportunities 
Provide business consultation for existing and growing businesses
Provide business training and development
Stimulate business attraction and relocation
Work closely with the agricultural sector to support and advocate for growth opportunities and removal of barriers
Offer business development programs to benefit the retail sector 
Maintain directory of tourism businesses and offer business related development opportunities
Foster cohesiveness, business development and data collection among Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector Businesses  
Develop, expand and promote the Arts & Heritage Trail
Actively market and promote emerging specialized engineering and manufacturing sector opportunities 
Administer the Million Dollar Makeover program
Revitalize downtowns in partnership with communities 
Build collaborative networks with local organizations to build the economy
Manage public parking and issue tickets

An Exceptional Quality of Life

Oversee community emergency management program including training and public education
Maintain all fire stations, maintain and manage all fleet and equipment
Perform maintenance on fire trucks and set aside capital dollars for future replacement
Educate the public on fire safety and prevention
Provide Door-to-Door Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Program
Enforce the Fire Code
Provide Simplified Fire Risk Assessments
Facilitate weekly firefighter training for more than 300 volunteer firefighters and staff
Issue permits to hold a public display of fireworks
Issue open air burn permits
Attend public events for education and awareness of safety protocol
Respond to paramedic, fire, rescue and medical 911 calls, monitor call out times, complete post call reports
Provide hazardous material recovery and specialized rescue
Respond to medical calls, monitor call out times and complete post call reports
Transport of critical care patients of heart attacks and strokes to centres of excellence
Provide Primary and Advanced Care prehospital care
Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) program to place Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in strategic locations throughout the community
Provide CPR education
Community Paramedicine Referral Program
Provide Paramedic Student Placement
Provide Community Care non-urgent transport
Manage the dispatch centre
Evaluate future needs for station capacity and coverage area
Pick up, house and reunite stray dogs with owners
Administer dog licences 
Investigate complaints of by-law infractions
Manage burial services, sale of lots, record retention and maintenance for active cemeteries
Contribute to safe and well-kept neighbourhoods by investigating and enforcing the Property Standards By-Law
Investigate complaints related to noise, animals and parking and enforce applicable municipal by-laws
Provide door-to-door public transit service for people with physical and or functional disabilities (LIMO Transit)
Provide bus services within Lindsay (Lindsay Transit provides over 100,000 rides per year)
Provide Public Library services with traditional and digital programming for all ages (books, magazines, periodicals, etc.)
Maintain and provide public use and rental of 11 arena facilities 
Maintain and provide public use and rental of 18 community centres/halls
Maintain and provide public use and rental of 55 sports fields 
Maintain and manage two municipal trailer parks
Maintain more than 135 municipal parks (services include grass cutting, horticulture programs and waste collection)
Provide safe, clean and well maintained public facilities such as beaches, boat launches, docks, splash pads, sport courts and skate parks.
Maintain and manage rentals and programming at two recreation centres and swimming pools
Offer summer day camps for a variety of ages and interests
Plan, coordinate and fund special events such as Concerts in the Park and the Lindsay Milk Run.
Make quality child care available by administering fee subsidies to families and operating funding for child care agencies
Administer Health Unit funding
Develop and oversee homelessness prevention programs and supports including emergency shelter
Program delivery and employment supports of Ontario Works 
Provide administration for non-profit housing providers, including Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Housing Corp. which provides almost 700 units of affordable housing.
Operate 166-bed long term care home (Victoria Manor)
Provide community agency programs for poverty reduction and community participation programs (primarily for children of low income families)
Provide doctor recruitment incentives to recruit doctors through Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative
Provide Nurse Practitioner funding, administered by Victorian Order of Nurses
Offer customer service requests of popular transactions through four municipal service centres
Call centre with support during business hours, and after hours municipal emergency support line
Provide online service requests and information via municipal website
Connect with the public via social media channels
Online engagement platform, Jump In, Kawartha Lakes offers convenient public participation on municipal projects and issues
Issue marriage licences and officiate marriage ceremonies
Issue burial permits
Ensure accessible access to all members of the public to municipal buildings, online services and documents

Good Government

Manage municipal budget in accordance with the Public Service Accounting Board requirements (more than $250 million in operating, capital, water and waste water  budgets)
Maintain asset management database of infrastructure including replacement costs and timing
Regularly update the long term financial plan
Develop and track progress of the Strategic Plan
Provide open and transparent communication with members of the public, media and all stakeholders
Develop and oversee all Council Policies and Management Directives
Present municipal priorities and issues to other levels of government to ensure policy and funding needs are heard
Maintain strong working relationships with all government, non-profit and community agencies to ensure the needs of stakeholders are met
Provide the Continuous Improvement Program
Ensure all records and the use of private information are stored and retained as required.
Provide support to Council and ensure Council agendas and minutes are published in a timely and accessible manner
Support Council Committees, Boards and Task Forces
Court administration and prosecutions
Respond to litigation, claims and provide advice
Selling, leasing and licensing City owned land and purchasing of land
Establish risk management policies, oversee insurance practices and procedures, manage claims
Livestream Council meetings on YouTube
Provide timely and relevant information on all municipal services online (
Offer residents the option to pull municipal information of interest onto their mobile device via mobile app Pingstreet
Conduct the municipal election
Process Freedom of Information Requests
Manage property tax, utility billing and accounts receivable
Identify properties for tax sale and facilitate sales
Administer leases for municipal facilities 
Conduct audit and evaluate results for all financial accounts, ensure policies and procedures are compliant with applicable legislation and regulations
Administer vendor performance management program
Manage various municipal funding programs such as 50/50 Capital Partnership, CDPF, CHEST, Powerlinks, Wilson Estate
Administration and prosecution of non-criminal provincial offences and municipal by-law offences within the City of Kawartha Lakes and the County of Haliburton.
Recruit, onboard,  manage and develop employees to minimize turnover,  maximize productivity and succession-plan
Manage labour relations, grievances, arbitrations/contract negotiations for all unions representing over 1300 employees
Investigate internal complaints (violence, harassment, Human Rights)
Provide programs that promote and enhance Health and Safety
Administer payroll, leaves, benefits and accommodations
Administer orientation of all new employees, ongoing development and training
Manage enterprise systems  and applications to ensure efficient operations
Maintain boundary roads according to agreements with neighbouring municipalities
Process permits for entrance, oversize/overweight load, road occupancy and road closures
Stockpile sufficient materials for winter maintenance (sand and salt) and maintain storage structures
Provide winter maintenance operations on 5400 lane kilometres of roads
Provide winter sidewalk maintenance 
Provide 24/7 road patrol (winter)
Snow removal from downtowns
Conduct winter drainage activities
Routine road patrol (class 1-5 roads)
Maintain and inspect street lights
Maintain and inspect traffic lights
Provide traffic control warrants and studies
Install and maintain safety road signs
Install guard rails
Maintain gravel pit
Paint lines and symbols on roads
Maintain bridges and culverts
Mow roadside grass
Provide noxious weed control
Roadside brushing and tree removal
Provide ditching to all roads
Street sweeping 
Dust control on gravel roads (calcium chloride)
Gravel road grading and shoulder rehabilitation
Inspect and repair roads, sidewalks and curbs
Maintain catch basins
Provide road patching to potholes and cracks (cold and hot mix)
Replace guide posts
Pick up debris on roadway
Maintain Seasonal Level of Service and Limited Service Roads 
Administer the Adopt a Road Program
Purchase, maintenance and repair of more than 400 vehicles and equipment
Oversee all driver and operator licences
Fuel purchase, management and tracking for municipal fleet
Oversee management of the municipal airport



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