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A Healthy Environment

A green tree. Goal 3: A Healthy Environment

ObjectiveActionSuccess IndicatorStatus
3.1 A Healthier Environment 3.1.1 Develop and execute a Green City Charter Green City Charter to be developed in 2019  Included in new plan
    Initiated recycling receptacle program within arenas, halls and parks Complete

Development of the Healthy Environment Plan

See Mayor Letham's message on caring for our environment.

  3.1.2 Execute the Integrated Waste Management Strategy

12,000 lbs of batteries were recycled in 2017

An orange battery. Text reads 12,000 pounds of batteries were recycled, preventing harmful heavy metals from entering the environment


Partnership with Habitat for Humanity to place bin at Lindsay Ops Landfill diverted 1.3 tonnes of reusable goods from the landfill


Implemented the Clear Bag Program which resulted in 20% less waste collected at the curb and cost avoidance of $500,000/year

 A garbage can and a clear bag of garbage. Text reads 20% less waste collected at the curb

See Mayor Letham's message on the Clear Bag Program's success
  3.1.3 Develop and execute the Energy Management Plan Corporate Energy Management Plan approved in 2017 Complete
    Electric Vehicle Charging Station installed at Lindsay Recreation Complex Complete
  3.1.4 Develop and execute Low Impact Development (LID) Standards for the City Incorporated the LID requirements from the Province into storm and stormwater management guidelines available on the website Complete
    Request that all development applications consider maintaining the "water balance" on site Complete
  3.1.5 Finalize Lake Management Plans and utilize these plans in future decision making Lake management plans completed Complete
  3.1.6 Protect & enhance water quality 100% of septic inspections completed for Municipal Drinking Water Source Protection 2015-2019 Complete       
    65.6% of septic inspections completed for Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan 2017-2022. Inspections completed as targeted to end of 2019 Complete
    MOECC annual inspection for municipal water plants resulted in all 21 systems receiving 100% Complete
  3.1.7 Protect prime agricultural land by including policies in the Official Plan and working with the agricultural community to identify opportunities to support the sector.    
    Agricultural policies as part of the 2012 Official Plan now in place Complete       
  3.1.8 Protect natural features and functions To be further defined in and included in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan Included in new plan 
    Completed first phases of the shoreline retention program along Rotary Trail/Scugog River Complete
    Management of trees impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer In progress
    Official recognition as a Bee City by Bee City Canada as we support healthy pollinator populations and ongoing efforts to preserve and create pollinator habitat Complete
  3.1.9 Manage aggregate resources Review of City-owned gravel pits completed Complete
    Review of Aggregate Policy to conclude in 2019 In progress
 3.2 Community Preparedness 3.2.1 Update the City's community preparedness plan by working with community partners to address both natural hazards. Including flooding and erosion as well as man-made hazards and threats to community safety and security City's Emergency Management Plan reviewed and updated to Incident Management model Included in new plan
    All City fire safety plans updated and annual review and fire drill coordinated Complete
    Emergency Operations Centre annual training and exercise completed successfully Complete
    Floodplain mapping studies completed for 10 priority flood damage centres Complete

A blue garbage truck. Text reads "1600 tonnes less waste sent to City landfills"Two blue recycling bins. Text reads "11% more recycling collected at the curb"

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