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Accountability and Transparency

This City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to conducting business in an open, transparent and accountable way. We make every effort to provide you and the community with as much information as possible while protecting the privacy rights of individuals. If you cannot find what you are looking for contact the appropriate department or the Office of the City Clerk.

Conflict of Interest Registry

Changes to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act require that municipalities create and maintain a public registry of all declarations of pecuniary interest made by members of Council and local boards.

 2019 Declared Conflicts of Interest



Agenda Item and

Subject Matter

Date Declared


A. Veale

February 12, 2019

Committee of the Whole

Item 6.1.2
Sale of City Owned Property – Portion of Elgin Park, Lindsay


“I will be declaring a pecuniary interest in item 6.1.2 as I am employed by the business at 150 Angeline St North”

A. Veale

February 19, 2019

Regular Council

Item 12.1.6 and 12.1.7

Surplus Declaration and Sale of City Owned Property – Portion of Elgin Park


“I am employed by business at 150 Angeline St. N. who currently leases the section in question, and wishes to purchase”

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