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Community Area Speed Limit Project

Maximum 40 instead of maximum 50 sign40 is the new 50

The Community Area Speed Limit project is designed to help improve motorist, cyclist and pedestrian safety. The municipality currently enforces a speed by-law for designated areas within towns, villages, settlement areas and hamlets known as "community speed zones" that outline a speed limit of 50 km/h. Through the Speed Limit Project, these community speed zones will be reduced down to 40km/h.

The project, which requires an update to existing signage marked 50km/h to the new speed limit of 40km/h, will be released in a phased approach:

  • Phase one, which focuses on rural speed zones, began implementation in October 2021 in 16 communities and was completed in November 2022.
  • Phase two, which focuses on urban speed zones, will be implemented before September 2023.

Phase One: Rural

The municipality will begin the program in rural areas across Kawartha Lakes. Phase One has been completed and the following areas have had new signs installed:





Burnt River




Little Britain






Victoria Road


Please click on each community name to see a map of where the new speed limits will be placed.

Map of all speed zone reduction areas in Kawartha Lakes

Phase Two: Urban

Once the rural areas are complete, the municipality will move forward with urban community speed zones. These areas will receive signs before September 2023:

Please click on each community name to see a map of where the new speed limits will be placed.

Map of Bobcaygeon with streets impacted outlined in red

 Why do we need a Community Area Speed Limit project?
Reducing speed limits on residential streets and high pedestrian areas makes our streets safer, calmer, and quieter for everyone. Slowing down gives people more time to react to the unexpected, to prevent crashes and reduce the severity of collisions that do happen.
Are all roads within the listed community going to be reduced down to 40km/h?

Maximum speed 40km/h sign with begins and endsNo, only roads marked with red on the maps provided above will be reduced down to 40. The new speed limit signs being installed indicate where the 40km/h limit begins and where it ends. Drivers need to keep an eye out for the marked signage to know where the speed limit changes for impacted areas.

 When will the new speed limits be enforced?
Phase one installation began in the fall of 2021 in 16 rural hamlets and it was completed in November 2022.

Phase two, which focuses on urban speed zones, will be implemented before September 2023.

As soon as the signs are installed and visible on the road, the new speed limits become enforceable. Kawartha Lakes Police and OPP have been notified of the impacted areas and will be supporting the project through enforcement and education.
 What can I do to help inform others in my area?

40 is the new 50 lawn sign

The municipality launched a digital campaign in 2021, along with messaging on community info boards, road signs and monthly updates to the public regarding the areas impacted as the new speed signs are being installed. In addition, residents can request complimentary lawn signs to place on their property when the new speed limits take effect. 

To help spread awareness and pick up a sign for your property, please complete our online form below. Signs will be available for pick up at any of our Municipal Service Centres. Please confirm the hours of operation before visiting our centres.

*Please note: Residents who are in Phase One can pick up a sign anytime. Residents who are in Phase Two can request signs when the municipality issues a notice. Subscribe to our newsroom to be notified as the installation schedule is updated.

Request a sign

Why were the specific areas listed above chosen?
The areas impacted by the speed limit project are all designated as "Community Speed Zones" because they are geographic hamlets, villages and towns considered to be built up areas.
The dangers of speeding

Higher speeds can contribute to an increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities:

  1. While speeding, the drivers’ field of vision as well as their situational awareness is drastically reduced. These two important factors are crucial for anticipating and reacting to unexpected events or sudden changes in road conditions.
  2. The faster you are driving, the greater your stopping distance becomes in order to brake, which causes an increased risk of a collision.
  3. Higher speeds cause stronger impacts. If you are in a collision while driving at a higher speed, the blunt force between you and the individual or object you collide with can be much more fatal. This especially applies to those with less protection, such as a cyclist or a pedestrian.



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