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Customer Request Dashboard

Customer Service Requests

You can now see our Customer Service Case requests in a dashboard. The dashboard is interactive - you can select any item and the other elements will update based on your selection. For example, you can see the cases by department, by ward, by status, by type or by date. The default shows all the cases from January 2021 to current. Cases are generated when residents fill out the Report It form online, or using the assistance of our Customer Service representatives. The dashboard updates automatically every night so the data is current to end of day yesterday.

To view the dashboard full screen just click the arrow in the bottom right corner.


Customer Request Map

Requests logged in Case can also be viewed on an interactive map.

You can filter by Issue Type, Case Status and Date by clicking on the drop downs on the top right.

You can also choose your base map through the legend.


View the map full-screen


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