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Fire Recruitment

Volunteer Firefighters

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service relies on both full-time and volunteer firefighters to staff our fire department. These are individuals that are committed to providing fire protection services in their local areas and the community at large.

Volunteer firefighters play an important role in keeping our communities safe from fire and other hazards.

If you are dedicated, have excellent team work skills and good health and physical fitness then consider joining our team! Volunteer firefighting is a great way to learn valuable skills, give back to your community and earn extra income.

Why Become a Volunteer Firefighter

  • Unique opportunity to gain transferrable life skills while giving back to the community
  • Become a member of a dedicated team
  • Acquire valuable knowledge and participate in a wide range of specialized training
  • Help promote a safe community by upholding the three lines of defence against fire (public fire safety education, fire safety standards, and enforcement and emergency response)

Fall 2024 application portal will open June 3, 2024 until July 3, 2024 for the halls that have an opening.

We are not hiring for the following Stations:

  • Station 1 Lindsay
  • Station 2 Omemee
  • Station 3 Bobcaygeon
  • Station 4 Ops
  • Station 19 Coboconk
  • Station 21 Mariposa
  • Station 22 Fenelon Falls

Are you eligible?

Skills/Education Required
  • Minimum of a Grade Twelve (12) Diploma or equivalent;
  • Pre-Service Firefighter program, or related fire or emergency training or courses an asset;
  • Possess and maintain the physical strength and agility necessary to perform arduous work, and to competently operate firefighting/rescue equipment, and safety equipment, under all types of adverse conditions, for prolonged periods, lifting up to 30 kgs or more in this physically demanding environment;
  • Positive attitude and the ability to support and project values shared within the organization;
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with effective conflict resolution skills;
  • Ability and willingness to attend required training, and to perform learned tasks and techniques used in extinguishing and prevention of fire; and in rescue operations;
  • First Aid/CPR certification would be an asset;
  • Previous related experience and/or training is an asset;
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality at all times;
  • Ability to exercise discretion and tact and to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations;
  • Effective oral communication and strong interpersonal skills to deal with members of the public, and staff;
  • Good written communication skills;
  • Possess and maintain a minimum valid Class “G” Driver’s Licence in good standing for the Province of Ontario and to obtain and maintain a valid Class “D” Licence with a “Z” endorsement within one year from hire date.
Position Description

Respond to suppression and emergency call-outs in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and in circumstances of extreme weather and temperature conditions.  Duties on scene may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wearing self-contained breathing apparatus in confined spaces;
  • Strenuous physical activity;
  • Lift, carry and set-up of equipment and materials on scene;
  • Operation of pressure pumps and hoses;
  • Crawling, climbing, carry/climb ladders;
  • Operation of rescue equipment;
  • Performs salvage and ventilation work at fire and emergency scenes;
  • Potential exposure to extremely dangerous physical hazards, entering burning or contaminated buildings, structures and areas to perform rescues or to fight fires, wearing required clothing and safety equipment;
  • Provides first response medical assistance to the injured;
  • Participate in mandatory training to ensure currency within established policy and procedures;
  • Operate in a team environment under the direction of supervisory staff;
  • Work in accordance with established policies, operational guidelines, Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • Carry out supportive roles on scene as directed by supervisory staff;
  • Perform Hall duties, washing trucks and equipment, ensuring that equipment is in a state of readiness for response, cleaning and maintaining gear;
  • Participate in promotional and community events, as assigned, acting as ambassadors of the Fire Service;
  • Other duties as assigned.
Progression Information


A newly hired Volunteer Firefighter will be paid at the Basic level of remuneration until the volunteer firefighter has successfully completed the probationary period (a minimum of one (1) full year of service). They must obtain a “DZ” License, Emergency Responder (EFR) certifications, and completed Mandatory Training, attend thirty percent (30%) of paged calls, attend sixty (60%) of scheduled training meetings, and shall participate in the training programs prescribed and required by the department.


Following successful completion of the probationary period ( a minimum of one (1) full year of service), and having successfully met all of the conditions and requirements of a Basic Firefighter. Advanced level volunteer firefighter must maintain their DZ license, Emergency First Responder (EFR) certifications, and completed Mandatory Training, thirty percent (30%) attendance of paged calls, and sixty (60%) attendance at scheduled training meetings.


The City of Kawartha Lakes provides opportunities to further grow your career and advance to Captain and Station Coordinator with experience and training.

  • Applicants will be required to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check, with Vulnerable Sector Search and Driver’s Abstract, on hire.
  • Applicants must be prepared for skill testing.

For more in-depth information as it pertains to recruitment and the process please check out our information guide.


Volunteer Firefighters are required to attend and respond the following;

  • Fire Calls
  • Medical Calls
  • Water Rescue Calls
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Wild Fires
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Training nights
  • Incidents that are traumatic and could involve members of your community
  • Volunteer Activities - Public Education
Personal Suitability

Volunteer Firefighters should be;

  • Comfortable with small or tight spaces
  • Comfortable with heights
  • Calm under pressure
  • Good at following and understanding directions
  • Willing to wear a pager 24/7
  • Respond to calls at all hours of the day and night, in all weather conditions
  • Aware of the physical demands of the job, including wearing approximately 100 lbs of gear at emergency incidents.
About the Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Department / Catchment Area

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Services is a composite department with Career Staff and Volunteer Firefighters providing fire protection services out of 19 Fire Stations. Lindsay is the only station that has both full-time and volunteer firefighters.

Below is a list of Stations within the Kawartha Lakes Catchment Area;

*Applicants are encouraged to use this table to determine if they reside within 15 kilometres from their closest fire station.

Kawartha Lakes Catchment Area
StationDivisionAddressTownPostal Code


Lindsay 9 Cambridge Street North Lindsay K9V 4C4
2 Omemee 14 Mary Street Omemee K0L 2W0
3 Bobcaygeon 1 Duke Street Bobcaygeon K0M 1A0
4 Ops 2571 Hwy# 7 Lindsay K9V 4R5
5 Dunsford 48 Community Centre Road Dunsford K0M 1L0
6 Emily 599 Centre Line Road Lindsay K9V 4R5
7 Bethany 88 Ski Hill Road Bethany L0A 1A0
8 Pontypool 287 John Street Pontypool L0A 1K0
9 Janetville 669 Janetville Road Janetville L0B 1K0
12 Cameron 16 Cameron Road Cameron K0M 1G0
14 Woodville 114 Argyle Street Woodville K0M 2T0
15 Kirkfield 16 Munroe Street Kirkfield K0M 2B0
16 Carden 12 Lake Dalrymple Road Sebright L0K 1B0
17 Norland 7481 Hwy# 35 Norland K0M 2L0
18 Kinmount 24 Majestic Street Kinmount K0M 2A0
19 Coboconk 47 Grandy Road Coboconk K0M 1K0
20 Burnt River 186 Burnt River Road Burnt River K0M 1C0
21 Mariposa 552 Eldon Road Little Britain K0M 2C0
22 Fenelon Falls 9 John Street Fenelon Falls K0M 1N0

For more information about each fire station please visit our City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Site.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Guideline


Please only apply to the hall closest to your residence.  Applying to more than one Firehall could disqualify your application.

We understand that some people live within close proximity of more than one hall, and will take that into consideration following the testing and interview phase.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Application

Recruitment Dates

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service will conduct  a minimum of one (1) volunteer firefighter recruitment each year. This portal will remain open for one month at which time it will close and will not open again until the next recruitment session.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process consists of a formal application, aptitude and physical testing, interview and submission of required documentation.

Applicants will be evaluated by Fire Service Administration.

Offers will be made to successful applicants and a minimum of one recruitment class of up to 30 individuals will be selected. Review our information guide for details about our recruitment and application process.

Determining Which Stations Need Volunteers?

The Deputy Fire Chief determines which volunteer fire stations have the greatest need for recruits by looking at the number of volunteers at each station. Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Services tries to maintain a minimum of 15 volunteers per station.

Priority is given to the stations that are below the minimum numbers of volunteers and need participating members in order to meet minimum staffing levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved as a Volunteer Firefighter?

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service will offer a minimum of one (1) recruit intake each year.


Please only apply to the hall closest to your residence.  Applying to more than one Firehall could disqualify your application.

We understand that some people live within close proximity of more than one hall, and will take that into consideration following the testing and interview phase.

Volunteer Recruitment Application

What is the time commitment to become a Volunteer Firefighters?

New volunteer recruits will complete 40 hours of online training with provided materials before completing 60 hours of comprehensive in person training.

There are weekly training nights new volunteer recruits are expected to attend, these training nights are in person training which occur two times per week (Monday evenings approximately 6:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m. and Saturdays during 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

Is previous firefighting knowledge or experience required?

Have no fear, you are not expected to know this when you first join! Everything takes time. As the new volunteer recruit, you are expected to help wherever your experience and limitations allow.

We will provide all necessary firefighter and first aid training. Any relevant past experience or training may help you in the selection process, but we do welcome and encourage applications from any experience level to apply.

An outline of the skills/qualifications needed are listed above in the Skills/Education Required section.

How do I know if I am close enough to a hall?

When applicants are unsure of which station they should be applying for, they should be applying only for stations that are a maximum distance of 15 kilometres from their primary residence. If your primary residence is greater then 15 kilometres away from any fire station, please apply to which is the closest. You can use Google Maps to determine which station is the closest. The addresses for each station is listed above in the About The Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Department/Catchment Area.

How do I know where I am in the recruitment process?

Fire Administration and People Services will be in contact with you as we progress through the process. If you are successful in moving forward, you will be contacted and advised of next steps in the process. Those that are not successful at any point of the process will be contacted as well.

Do Volunteer Firefighters get paid?

The position offers a competitive hourly wage once you begin the in-person training.

There are opportunities for career growth and increases in pay upon the successful completion of a probationary period of one year.

Do Volunteer Firefighters respond from their home or a station?

Volunteer firefighters respond to calls from their home and fire station.

How does Volunteer Firefighting work affect family?

The position requires good time management skills. Being able to prioritize work and family life is essential, as you will be required to respond a minimum percentage of calls and attend a percentage of training sessions on site.

Do I need a class G driver’s license or will G2 suffice?

The position requires a class G Driver’s license. You would need to obtain a class DZ Driver’s license if you were the successful candidate for the position.

I am not a permanent resident in the area, may I still apply?

Unfortunately, in order to be eligible for the volunteer firefighter opportunity, your primary residence must be in City of Kawartha Lakes year-round. The reason behind that is the urgency of responding to calls, which requires year-round availability.

Do you support obtaining the DZ endorsement?

You are responsible to write your “D” test and get your “Z” endorsement on your own. Once you have received both of these, we have a process established in-house where you can develop your driving experience while using one of our trucks. This would involve having a Captain or Advanced firefighter from your Station be in the truck with you while you were driving. There would be no cost to you during this other than your time. Once you felt confident enough, you could go and challenge the road test at a Drive Test Centre.


Thank you for your interest in the Kawartha Lakes Fire and Rescue Service.

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