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This form index lists all of our forms in alphabetical order. On desktop, you can find a form by typing “ctrl +f” on your keyboard, then type a keyword and press “enter”.

40 is the new 50 sign request form

50/50 Community Project capital funding application

A to F

Accessibility Awareness Awards nomination form

Accessible accommodation request form

Accounts receivable pre-authorized debit form

Additional Residential Units (ARU) registration application

Alarm assistance program

Animal tag registration

Applicable law checklist

Backwater valve subsidy application

Backyard Chicken Coop application form

Banner application form

Book a picnic shelter

Burn permit application


Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) Space Expansion

Centennial Trailer Park forms

Chat with a Kawartha Lakes local- Economic development

Code of Conduct formal complaint form

Community housing application (or use printable form)

Community housing building selection form

Community Partnership and Development Fund grant application

Consent application form

Credit application form

Curbside collection tags

Days of Significance request form

Declaration of assets form - HP101

Demolition information form

Development charges deferral application

Development Concierge request form

Entrance permit application

Environmental Hero of the Year Award

Environmental Hero of the year award - Business

Environmental Hero of the year award - Student

Facility booking request form (ice, pad/floor, hall/room, other)

Film Permit Application

Fire education request form

Fire inspection request form

Fire safety enquiry form

Fireworks sales licence application

Freedom of Information access request form


Ground floor accommodation request form

Heritage Designation Application

Heritage Permit Application Form

Holding tank/Septic tank registration form

Investment verification form - HP102

Join a Board or Committee application (or use printable form)

Kawartha-Haliburton Renovates application (or use printable form)

Kennel license application


Legacy CHEST Fund Application Form

LIMO specialized transit application

Low income senior and disabled persons application 2023

Market rent accommodation application form

Marriage Ceremony availability enquiry form

Marriage Licence Application form

Medical waste patient certification form

Minor variance application form

Motor vehicle racing facility licence application

Moving oversize loads permit application

Municipal address sign order form

Municipal consent application

Municipal event application 

Municipal investigation complaints form

Municipal Law Enforcement general complaint form

Municipal service connections application

New street or facility name nomination

Noise By-law exemption application

Online Petition Portal or Petition Template

Owner authorization (for a third party)

Parking permits

Permit to Construct or Demolish application

Pre-Authorized debit cancellation form

Pre-consultation for proposed amendments application form

Property tax application for reduction

Property tax assistance program for low income seniors or low income disabled persons

Property tax charity rebate application

Program proposal form

Property tax pre-authorized debit agreement application form

Public display of fireworks permit application

Purchase a transit pass

Recipe Revival submission form


Recreation program feedback form

Reduced load exemption permit application

Refreshment vehicle licence application

Rename an existing street in Kawartha Lakes application

Report It - Open a ticket for service requests and questions across departments

Report building without a permit

Request for review/appeal

Request to make a deputation or presentation to Council

Road occupancy permit

Salvage yard licence application 

Search of records application - Building permits

Seasonal level of service application for unassumed roads

Seasonal trailer park licence application

Septic rehabilitation loan program

Sewage system complaint form

Short Term Rental (STR) accommodation business license application

Short Term Rental complaints form

Sign permit application

Site plan application form

Special event licence application

Special priority housing application

Street closure application

Subdivision, condominium and official plan application form

Swimming pool application

Taxicab and limousine driver licence application

Transient trader:

Update information for Financially Assisted Housing form


Vacant unit notification form (for landlords)

Vendor registration form

Volunteer application form - Parks and Recreation division

Volunteer firefighter recruitment application

Water application for services

Water relief program for low income seniors or low income disabled persons

Water/Wastewater pre-authorized debit agreement application form

Zoning By-law amendment application form

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