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Good Government

A wrench and a screwdriver on a blue background. Goal 4: Good Government

Enabler 1: Responsible Fiscal Resource Management
ObjectiveActionSuccess IndicatorStatus
E1.1 Fiscally responsible service delivery E1.1.1 Develop and implement a 5 & 10 year Budget Strategy, to be reviewed annually.

10 Year Capital Budget Plan

See Mayor Letham's message on how the City is taking the road less travelled and the City's positive outlook for taxes.

    5 Year Operating Budget Plan Complete
    Development of Development Charges Task Force to provide advice and recommendations on the DC by-law update. Expected completion Q1 2019. Complete
  E1.1.2 Finalize and execute the City's Core Services Review

Completion of 49 reviews of core service areas (of over 200 city-wide programs and services)

See Mayor Letham's message on the idea and implementation of good government.

Enabler 2: Effective Human Resource Management
ObjectiveActionSuccess IndicatorStatus
E2.1 Build Organizational Resiliency E2.1.1 Complete a Comprehensive Human Resource Management Plan to address staff training and development, skills building, develop succession planning contingency strategy including contingency funding to cover position overlap and seamless positional transition, recruitment and retention, knowledge retention and transfer, hiring standards and practices, inform 5 & 10 year budget strategy Human Resource Management Plan approved by Council Complete
    Development of a 3 year Human Resources Action Plan Included in new plan    
    5 year Staffing Plan to inform Operating Plan to be developed in 2018 Complete
    Employee Engagement Survey conducted in 2017 and commitment to conduct survey annually Complete
    Fire Rescue Service and Paramedic Department completed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plans Complete
E2.2 Become an Employer of Choice E2.2.1 Review and adopt an appropriate "Employer of Choice" model and benchmark Employer of Choice model to be developed Included in new plan 
    Comprehensive Health & Safety program developed with the goal to achieve accreditation Complete
Enabler 3: Municipal Service Excellence
Objective Action Success Indicator Status
E3.1 Provide Exceptional Customer Service E3.1.1. Establish and execute a Customer Service Standard Customer Service Standard and Management Directive completed Complete
    Redeployment of customer service staff to better manage CASE(s) Complete
    Implementation of new telephone technology and standards for customer responsiveness Complete
E3.2 Enhance Communications E3.2.1 Enhance communications and citizen accessibility to government services

New City, Library and Tourism websites and employee intranet launched.

Websites receive international recognition

    City information provided online through website and social media, through local media channels, and in print in retail and community gathering spaces Complete
E3.3 Service Excellence E3.3.1 Review and adopt best municipal practices and continue to review operational efficiencies using lean methodology 25 White Belts trained in Lean methodology and empowered to find efficiencies in 2017 Complete

$5 million investment in gravel resurfacing to accelerate road improvements

See Mayor Letham's message on improving roads.

    Conversion of the Bobcaygeon Beach Trailer Park to a public 'destination'/ tourist attraction In progress
Enabler 4: Efficient Infrastructure and Asset Management
Objective Action Success Indicator Status
E4.1 Best technology and best use of technology E4.1.1 Enhance emplacement of third party public infrastructure (i.e. telecommunications, utilities, etc.) to support economic growth and the provision of efficient municipal services $12 million investment by Enbridge Gas to expand service to Cambray, Cameron and Fenelon Falls Complete
    Partner for the Eastern Ontario Regional network Mobile Broadband Project through Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) to improve mobile broadband access and services Complete

Provincial funding of up to $35,000 for an advanced study to determine if planned improvements to Highway 7 will boost economic development in the Eastern Ontario Region

See Mayor Letham's message on provincial and federal funding.

    Partnership with Oakwood Lions Club for continued use of Mariposa Hall in Oakwood Complete
    Exploring expanded Volunteer Management Board (VMB) model for Train Station building and surrounding park in Coboconk Complete
  E4.1.2 Improve existing website and technology to provide exceptional customer service experience New accessible City, Library and Tourism websites websites launched Complete
  E4.1.3 Execute the Electronic Documents Records Management System (EDRMS) Implemented EDRMS for Fire Service and Fire Prevention as pilot project Complete
    Multi-year deployment plan developed for EDRMS roll out to departments Complete
E4.2 Well managed and maintained municipal assets
E4.2.1 Finalize the Asset Management Plan Corporate Asset Management Plan for $3.2 billion in municipal assets approved by Council Complete
    Development of a Strategic Asset Management Planning Policy by July 1, 2018 Complete
    Sale of surplus municipal assets/lands to fund future asset improvements over $1million in 2017. Annual target = $600,000 Complete
  E4.2.2 Update and execute Municipal Master Plans Inventory of Municipal Master Plan Action Items completed and reviewed by SMT by 2018 Complete
    Master Plans to be updated in 2018 to include: Accessibility Master Plan, Master Fire Plan, Housing Master Plan and Housing and Homelessness Strategy Complete
E4.3 Environmentally efficient municipal infrastructure E4.3.1 Develop municipal operations and practices that lead toward environmentally efficient municipal infrastructure Construction of net-zero Affordable Housing/Human Services building in 2018 Complete

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