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Petitions and Correspondence to City Council

Correspondence to Council

If you wish to address City Council in writing you may submit a letter on a specific topic or item to be placed on a City Council Agenda.

Deliver and address your letter to:

Mayor and Council
c/o Office of the City Clerk
26 Francis Street
P.O. Box 9000

Lindsay, ON K9V 5R8

You may also fax your letter to 705-324-8110 or email it to the Clerk's Office.

Your letter should:

  • include your name and address
  • be signed and dated
  • be legible
  • provide a brief overview of the specific topic
  • provide an overview of past interactions with City Staff on the matter
  • not contain vulgar or profane language

Please note that all correspondence submitted to the City of Kawartha Lakes will form part of the public record and will become a public document as it appears in an Agenda package posted on our website when this matter is before City Council or a Committee of Council.

There may be occasions when your letter is not placed on the next City Council Agenda. This may be due to:

  • staff preparing a report in response to your concerns and your letter will be placed on the same agenda as the staff report
  • your letter being forwarded to a Committee of Council, as it may be more appropriate for the Committee to hear your concerns first
  • your letter containing information which is not suitable for a public agenda and will be dealt with on a confidential basis
  • your letter containing a request for service that can be dealt with by City Staff as part of normal City operations
  • your letter addressing concerns outside of the jurisdiction of Municipal Government

You can also request to speak to council in person


You may submit a petition on a specific topic or item to be placed on a City Council Agenda.

Petition definition

Petitions are documents requesting Council's consideration of a matter. Petitions must contain more than 10 signatures and do not include electronic web-based documents.

Petition protocol

Every petition, communication or correspondence to be placed on the Agenda of a Regular Council Meeting or Planning Committee Meeting shall be delivered to the City Clerk by 12:00pm two days before the day upon which the Agenda for that Meeting is issued (i.e. 12:00pm Monday for Wednesday Agenda distribution).

All communications or petitions received after the above delivery date and not pertaining to the matters listed on the Agenda for the Meeting shall be held over for consideration at the next Regular Meeting of Council or Planning Advisory Committee unless otherwise approved by the Head of Council and Chief Administrative Officer.

In dealing with a petition on an agenda Council may make the following motions:

  • receive the petition (meaning that the municipality will take no action on this issue other than filing the information);
  • refer the matter to City staff for consideration; or
  • direct City staff to report back to Council

All other motions related to a petition shall be out of order. The City Clerk shall refuse to place a petition on the agenda where the subject matter:

  • involves current or pending litigation;
  • involves insurance claims;
  • involves administrative complaints that have not been reported and investigated through the administrative process;
  • is beyond the jurisdiction of Council;
  • is contrary to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; or
  • it does not contain a contact person and their contact information.

Petition privacy

Signatories to a petition are deemed to have waived any expectation of privacy as a result of the record being created for review by the general public.

Petition signature and contact information

Petitions shall contain the printed name, signature, and some contact information of the individuals signing it.  Signatures without contact information shall be redacted by the individual or group submitting the petition or it will not be accepted by the City Clerk nor presented to Council.

Petition template

  • A petition template is provided for your convenience. Please print as many copies as required for your petition and submit to the City Clerk once all additional information is complete. In order to complete the template you must:
  • fill in the contact information of the person submitting the petition
  • include a petition request (description) on each page
  • number the signatures along the side
  • number the pages at the bottom

Other petitions

The petition template may also be used if applying for a Limited Service Agreement or Road Assumption.

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