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Student employment opportunities now available

Kawartha Lakes is hiring summer students and we're looking for innovative and passionate individuals interested in a four-month position from May to August.

Jump In to learning about the public sector while contributing to your community.

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Summer Student Testimonials 

Summer Student Parks (2022)

I really enjoyed my time working as a summer student this past season. I gained so many skills through operating equipment like line trimmers, lawn mowers, and small utility vehicles. I also learned to drive trucks that were towing different kinds of trailers.

Apart from that, I had an amazing group of coworkers who were always happy to show me new things and who worked incredibly well in a team environment. I enjoyed the independence we were given and the trust our superiors had in us to complete the work. 

The job is a perfect opportunity for students to spend time outside and do work that’s physical and active.

Summer Student By-Law Services (2022)

My experience as a summer student was absolutely amazing! I worked with a great team that was very welcoming and ensured I knew what I was doing. I enjoyed being able to do something that was both indoors and outdoors. I also liked the fact that this job was in the field of my studies at university, so it was giving me real-time experience as to what my job will entail after university. I loved interacting with the community, meeting new people, and making sure the people I met were now educated on the by-laws. I look forward to coming back and working with my team again!

Summer Student Roads (2022)

I’ve spent two summers with CKL so far and enjoyed both of them immensely. I met some amazing people, both students and other full time CKL employees that made my summer more enjoyable! I really appreciate the consistent hours that come with this job, so I always know my schedule. With that being said it’s also nice having consistent days off, I love having Friday - Sunday off all summer. I thoroughly enjoy the work we do around the city and learning how CKL functions. It’s nice being able to be outside all summer and enjoy the nice weather. Overall, my experience as a summer student was filled with tons of fun and friendships that I’ll never forget. I look forward to going back each summer. 

Summer Student Day Camp Leader (2022)

My time spent as a summer student was great! The job was always fun and I never felt scared or nervous when working. There was always someone to help me out for any questions I had. It was a welcoming and understanding place where I made many memories that I look back on fondly.

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