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Vibrant and Growing Economy

A graph. Goal 1: A Vibrant and Growing Economy

ObjectiveActionSuccess IndicatorStatus
1.1 A stronger more diversified economy 1.1.1 Develop and execute a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy to bring business to the City of Kawartha Lakes and to expand local employment

Economic Development Strategy approved by Council

See Mayor Letham's message on how the City of Kawartha Lakes is growing.

   A lightbulb. Text reads "Start Company Plus created 48 new jobs with $468,000 economic impact"A green tractor. Text reads "$150 million in total farming revenue across Kawartha Lakes, an increase of 36% over the last four years" Economic Development Strategy Implementation Complete
    Partnered to create an Age Friendly Business Engagement Strategy Complete
1.2 Better marketing and improved community visibility 1.2.1 Develop and implement a targeted Branding, Marketing & Communications Strategy to increase the profile and visibility of the City of Kawartha Lakes, with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area market

Corporate Communications Strategy approved by Council


See Mayor Letham's message on improving communications and community visibility.

    Development of Corporate Branding Strategy in 2019  Complete
1.3 Enhanced tourism 1.3.1 Update the Tourism Strategy Tourism Strategy to be completed in 2019
A blue suitcase. Text reads "1.5 million visitors to Kawartha Lakes spent $109 million, an increase of 10% in revenue
Included in new plan 

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