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The Voters' List: How to make sure I'm registered to vote

MPAC is responsible for creating the preliminary list of electors for the 2022 Municipal Election. The 2026 Municipal Election preliminary list of electors will be prepared by Elections Ontario.

Moved? No Longer a Resident?

If you have received a Voting PIN Letter at your property for someone who has moved, or is no longer a resident at your address, it is extremely important that you return that letter, unopened, in the mail. Mark on the envelope "Return to Sender - Moved" or "Return to Sender - Deceased" , and elections staff will deactivate the PIN once it is received back in the mail.

Paper Voters' List

The Voters' List is the collection of all voters who are eligible to vote in the Kawartha Lakes Municipal Election. It is also what is used to mail out your Voting PIN Letters. All electors in Kawartha Lakes should verify that they're on the list to ensure they can vote. A physical paper list of all wards will be available for review at City Hall and all Municipal Service Centres in September 2026. Kawartha Lakes Library Branches will also have their local ward(s) available for review. No person shall use any information obtained from the voters' list except for election purposes.

Corrections and Additions to the Voters' List

All electors not finding themselves on the Voters' List may add themselves, or correct their information by visiting or contacting our Elections Help Desk (until December 2022) at 705-324-9411 ext.1888.

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