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A reminder about curbside collection and carts – recycle right!

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Waste technician beside garbage bins Kawartha Lakes – At this week's Council meeting, a discussion was held surrounding the current waste By-Law (2016-144), that outlines the acceptable recycling bins and carts for curbside collection. A decision was made to uphold the current by-law , that restricts the use of 65- and 95-gallon recycling carts to only industrial, commercial, institutional, high-density multi-residential buildings (3 or more units) ,trailer parks and resorts. It also restricts the use of carts to only recycling, no waste is to be set out in these carts.
Those living in low density residential households (1 and 2 units) are only allowed to use bins of up to 22 gallons for curbside recycling. Residential locations are reminded that there is no limit on the amount of recycling that can be placed curbside, as long as items are set out in the proper containers.

The by-law restrictions will be enforced starting in 2021. There will be two weeks of adjustment but starting January 18, any items that are set out in unapproved containers will not be collected.

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Why are large roll out carts not allowed for low density residential collection?
Our current collection system was developed based on residential locations using 22- gallons or less recycling bins/carts. This provides our collection trucks with a more efficient collection schedule, ensuring that routes can be completed and that costs are kept to a minimum. There are over 35,000 stops every single week for curbside collection.

The 22-gallon collection bins also allow for increased visibility, ensuring that recyclable items are being properly sorted and that contamination levels are kept at a minimum.

What are some tips to ensure my recycling is collected?

  •  Recycling is to be set out loose in the appropriate container
  • Plastic film/bags must be bagged within one bag and set out with container/plastic recycling week
  • Review the following to ensure you are meeting the by-law curbside collection requirements:
  • Low Density Residential Buildings (less than 3 units):
    • Unlimited recycling, set out loose in 14-22 gallon bins/carts (no 64-95 gallon carts)
  • High Density Multi-Residential Buildings (3 or more units):
    • Unlimited recycling materials set out loose in bins/carts (64-95 gallon carts are allowed)
  • Industrial Commercial or Institutional (ICI) Buildings:
    • 4 (65 or 95 gallon) recycling carts with loose recycling
  • Resorts:
    • 4 (65 or 95 gallon) recycling carts with loose recycling
  • Seasonal Trailer Parks:
    • Unlimited recycling materials, set out loose in bins/carts (64-95 gallon carts are allowed)

For more information on your curbside collection, please visit our website or contact Customer Service at 705-324-9411.

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