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Burn ban lifted in Kawartha Lakes

The lifting of the ban signifies a return to the normal application of provisions in Open-Air By-law 2016-110. The burn ban was put in place August 9, 2016 due to extremely dry conditions, and has been lifted as a result of significant rainfalls throughout the last week.

Best practices

Flying Lanterns are never allowed to be sold or discharged within Kawartha Lakes as outlined in the by-law. During periods of dry weather, grasses, bushes and plants are more easily ignited by embers from open air burning.

How you can help:

  • Be vigilant when discarding cigarette butts and matches while outdoors
  • Ensure that matches and lighters are kept or locked in areas not accessible to children and youth
  • Remind children and youth of the dangers of playing with and lighting fires
  • Be aware of your surroundings when outdoors in open fields and wooded areas

Residents are reminded that the careless disposal of smoking materials is a main cause of accidental fires. Grass fires have the potential to cause extensive damage and injury, and also use emergency resources that could be required for other urgent situations.


For more information contact:

Ron Raymer
Deputy Fire Chief, Kawartha Lakes Fire Services
705-324-5731 extension 592

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