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Committee of the Whole Highlights – February 6, 2024

Committee of the Whole Highlights banner with image of Council in Council Chambers

Committee of the Whole Highlights banner with image of Council in Council Chambers

Kawartha Lakes – The following are highlights of the Committee of the Whole meeting on February 6, 2024. The meeting can be viewed in full on the City’s YouTube channel.

All recommendations made at Committee of the Whole will return to Regular Council for review and/or adoption on February 20, 2024.

Update on the Status of the Low Volume Gravel Roads Program Presentation

Council was provided with an update on the Low Volume Gravel Roads Program. The intent of the update was to highlight the sections of road that have been completed through the program and to address any removal of road segments from the program due to non-compatibility with the original intent of the program. The Low Gravel Roads Program was funded through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) and there is currently $492,000 in remaining funds ready to be used. The report invited Council to determine how the balance of the program and its work will be addressed moving forward.

Pending Council direction, staff has recommended that the balance be spent to upgrade, on a priority basis, the next series of roads identified within the program:

  • Wagar Road from Admiral Drive to Gillis Street (0.14km)
  • Daytonia Beach Road from Long Beach Road to Pleasure Street (0.46km)
  • Daytonia Beach Road from Pleasure Street to North End (0.72km)
  • Oriole Road from Redwing Avenue to West End (0.31km)
  • Bass Street from CKL Road 8 to Oriole Road (0.20km)
  • Redwing Avenue from CKL Road 8 to Oriole Road (0.06km)
  • Riley Lane from Elmtree Road to Birchwood Lane (1.46km)
  • Wrenhaven Road from Highway 35 to McNevan Drive (1.66km)

Council will determine the program’s next steps at the next Regular Council meeting.

For a background on the program and a full list of the roads completed in 2023, view the Update on the Status of the Low Volume Gravel Roads Program report.

Customer Experience Strategy

The Customer Service Division created the Customer Experience Strategy to help ensure that Kawartha Lakes has a plan in place to meet changing customer expectations now and into the future. The strategy was developed after extensive research across the public and private sector; both an environmental scan and surveys were used to collect information and best practices to inform the strategy. The strategy shows Kawartha Lakes’ commitment to building trust and confidence with our customers by taking steps to improve how we deliver services.

View the Customer Experience Strategy report. View the draft Customer Experience Strategy.

Fill out a Customer Service survey to let us know how your most recent interaction with Kawartha Lakes went.

Release of Fenelon Falls C.H.E.S.T. Funds

Community Services Administration received three grant applications for funding from the Fenelon Falls C.H.E.S.T. Fund. The funding requests were as follows:

  • Fenelon Falls Turkey Trot - $6,000
  • Kawartha Lakes Community Co-operative on behalf of the Fenelon Arts Committee - $6,220
  • Fenelon Falls Grannies - $1,000

The total funding request is $13,220 and there is $72,194.06 available for distribution from the fund. The report was received by Council and will be brought forward for consideration at the next Regular Council meeting.

View the details of each request in the Release of Fenelon Falls C.H.E.S.T. Funds report.

Proposed Heritage Designations

The following proposed Heritage Designations were brought to Committee of the Whole:

  • Proposed Heritage Designation of 479 Eldon Road, Mariposa – the Little Britain Public and Continuation School was constructed in 1929 to educate both elementary and high school aged students in Little Britain and surrounding area. The building is an important example of an early twentieth century rural continuation school.
  • Proposed Heritage Designation of 31 to 37 King Street East, Omemee (Ivory and Williamson Block) – 31 to 37 King Street East in Omemee is known as the Ivory and Williamson Block and was constructed in two sections between 1890 and 1891 after the older commercial buildings in this location were destroyed by fire. The building was occupied by two prominent nineteenth century Omemee businesses: Williamson’s Harness and Shoe Store and Thomas Ivory and Sons General Store.

Backyard Chicken Coops Pilot Project Update

In 2021, Council directed staff to amend the Animal Control By-law to remove chickens as a prohibited animal and to provide additional amendments to allow for backyard chickens in certain residential areas for a two-year pilot project. The pilot project concluded at the end of 2023.

Following a review of current practices, regulations and consultation with our municipal partners and other external groups, staff is recommending that the Backyard Chicken Licensing Program be adopted permanently, with the following changes:

  • Increase the number of chickens permitted from four to ten
  • Remove the $50 per coop licensing fee
  • Reduce the minimum permitted property size from 0.5 acres to 0.25 acres

The report and recommendation was received by Council and will be brought forward at the next Regular Council meeting.

View the Backyard Chicken Coops Pilot Project report.

Next Council meeting

Council will return for a Special Council meeting to discuss the Kawartha Lakes Strategic Plan 2024 to 2027 on February 15, 2024 at 7pm. Members of the public are encouraged to attend to learn about the plan and provide feedback. To speak at the meeting, please submit a request to make a deputation or presentation to our Clerk’s office. The meeting will include electronic participation through Zoom and it will be livestreamed on the City’s YouTube Channel. To learn more visit the Strategic Plan page on Jump In.

The next Regular Council meeting is set for February 20, 2024 at 1pm.

Public attendance in Council Chambers is welcome in the public gallery on the main floor, and overflow seating is available in the Victoria Room on the second floor. The Regular Council meeting will be broadcast live on the City’s YouTube Channel as well as  Cogeco cable television.

Please note that you can now watch recordings of the City of Kawartha Lakes Regular Council meetings on Cable Cable channel 26 and Rogers Ignite channel 548 at 1pm on the Sunday that follows the Tuesday meeting.

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