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Committee of the Whole Highlights - January 11, 2022

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committee of the whole highlights

Kawartha Lakes – The following are highlights from the Committee of the Whole meeting on January 11, 2022. The reports and recommendations will be brought forward to Council for further consideration and adoption at the next Regular Council meeting on January 25.

Film Production and Processes Feasibility Findings
film production and processes feasibility findings powerpoint cover
With the growing economic impact of the film industry in Ontario, a Film Production and Processes Feasibility Study was conducted in 2021 by SKH Consulting to consider opportunities to support film production in Kawartha Lakes. Donna Goodwin, Economic Development Officer – Arts and Culture, presented the study’s findings to Council with a recommendation to establish a Film and Television Office, to help transform Kawartha Lakes into a film friendly area and attract production. Council has also been asked to send a letter of support for the South Eastern Ontario Production Acceleration Fund, involving a group of neighbouring municipalities working together to have the province provide incentives for film production in Southern Ontario. The recommendations are being brought to the next Council meeting for approval.

Community Safety and Well-Being PlanCSWP book cover
The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP) was created by working in partnership with a multi-sectoral advisory committee comprised of representation from police services and other local service providers in health/mental health, education, community/social services and children/youth services. The advisory committee met throughout the course of 2021 to complete the plan, including working groups, online consultation sessions and public engagement. Four priority areas were identified for the initial 2022-2025 plan: Mental Health & Addictions, Housing, Poverty and Youth. As a living document, the CSWBP will adapt over time to support planning across all areas. Look out for the final Community Safety and Well-Being Plan coming soon on our website.

Amendment of the Heritage Delegated Authority By-Law
On July 1, 2021 amendments to the Ontario Heritage Act passed as part of the More Homes, More Choice Act (2019) and made some significant changes to processes related to heritage properties and introduced a new regulation. Emily Turner, Economic Development Officer – Heritage, brought forward proposed amendments to the Heritage Delegated Authority By-Law to align with the Act and improve the heritage approval process in Kawartha Lakes.

Feral Pigs in Kawartha Lakes
Following the reported sightings of feral pigs in neighbouring areas, staff are looking to raise public awareness of the potential threat of wild pigs and encourage any local sightings to be reported to the provincial database. Eurasian Wild Boar are not native to Ontario and if not controlled can spread rapidly with severe impacts to farmland, native wildlife, and the ecosystem, as seen in other regions like the southern U.S. To help protect Kawartha Lakes ecosystem, Kelly Maloney, Economic Development Officer – Agriculture, outlined the need to extend the efforts of the provincial public awareness, monitoring and control program. The recommendation will be brought forward to the next Regular Council Meeting and if approved staff will report back in by June 2022 with their proposed local program for action to prevent the establishment of wild pig populations.

Social Services Update to Service Plan
Social Services provided Council with an updated plan that provides the vision, mandates and activities that will be completed to meet provincial priorities. The plan focuses on four key actions: Recovery and Renewal, Improving Employment Outcomes, Develop and Maintain Local Community Service Partnerships and Strengthen Program Accountability. Janine Mitchell, Manager of Human Services, also spoke to the division’s work, noting that through data received on employment services transformation, Kawartha Lakes Social Services is exceeding the provincial average in all areas. To learn more, read the updated plan report on our website. 

To watch the full Committee of the Whole meeting, visit the City of Kawartha Lakes YouTube.

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