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Committee of the Whole Highlights - November 2, 2021

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committee of the whole highlights

Kawartha Lakes – The following are highlights from the Committee of the Whole meeting on November 2, 2021. All items will return to Regular Council on November 16 for further discussion and/or adoption.

Fenelon Falls Second Crossing – Update from project team fenelon falls second crossing
Dillon Consulting presented an overview of the study report for the Fenelon Falls Second Crossing, which included the work and consultation completed to date as well as key recommendations. The presentation was received, however Councillor Elmslie requested a follow up motion to include additional elements to the report’s recommendations. This includes the installation of improved signage at County Road 121, Highway 35 and Mitchell’s Bridge, looking at restricting left turns and parking during peak hours as well as potentially installing an advanced left turn near the Sobey’s entrance. The second motion was also received and the report will be brought forward to the November 16 Council meeting for approval.

Million Dollar Makeover 2020-2021 Update project investment by community
Economic Development provided an update on the Million Dollar Makeover program, to highlight the applications and approved projects over 2020 and 2021. During the two years, staff received applications from a variety of communities for a total investment opportunity of close to $900,000 across Kawartha Lakes. Many projects are already completed or well underway, with 16 funding agreements signed and 11 projects completed and/or working on final report.

A few recent completed projects include façade repairs in Lindsay, brickwork on a heritage property in Bobcaygeon, a new sign at Giffen Legal Professional Corp. in Omemee, a façade improvement in Coboconk and repair and renovations at Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. and The Cow and Sow in Fenelon Falls.

Proposed Amendments to the Building By-law
The existing fee schedule in the Building By-law is no longer sufficient to cover the operating budget of the Building and Septic Division and an increase in fees is needed to address additional costs. Staff proposed amendments to the By-law’s fee schedule to cover the costs. Following an analysis of the fee rates, including a look at the fees of neighbouring municipalities, staff provided Council a few options with a recommendation for full cost recovery and reserve contributions. Council received the report as printed and it will return to Regular Council for approval.

Partners for Climate Protection Milestones and the Healthy Environment Plan recognizing Kawartha Lakes's achievements to date
Councillor Tracy Richardson introduced two presentations regarding the Kawartha Lakes Healthy Environment Plan adopted in 2018, including the milestones the community has achieved so far and recent updates to the plan. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recognized and congratulated Kawartha Lakes for its action plan and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to continue helping alleviate climate change, the City and the Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee (KLEAC), developed mitigation strategies and updates to the Kawartha Lakes Healthy Environment Plan.

“Since we’ve brought in the Healthy Environment Plan, we’ve made an impact in our communities and we are seeing some results,” commented Councillor Richardson. “I just wanted to thank the individuals, the businesses, the partners and everyone that’s been involved in the progress so far and for trying to make a difference.”

Xplornet Communications tower proposal in Pontypool
Xplornet Communications recently submitted an application for a telecommunications tower off of Sandy Hook Road in Pontypool. Staff have raised concerns of the proposed location for the tower being on the Oak Ridges Moraine, and recommended the proposal not be supported by Council and Xplornet seek an alternative location on the property. FB Connect, on behalf of Xplornet, made a deputation for Council to support the tower location request. Council motioned to support the tower in the existing proposed location, subject to entering a development agreement, and it will return to the next Regular Council for consideration and approval.

Bromont Homes Inc. and Melody Garden Inc. request support for MZO
Bromont Homes Inc. and Melody Garden Inc. made a presentation to Council, requesting support for a Ministry Zoning Order (MZO) from the province on its lands in Lindsay. The MZO would include approximately 130 hectares of land, surrounded by developed lands such as the Lindsay Golf and Country Club, Victoria Motel, Howard Johnson Motel, Pioneer Gas Station and the fair grounds. Concept plans have been prepared for the lands to be a complete community of mixed housing types, commercial employment, public parks and linkages to the existing road network and multi-use trails.

Updates to By-Law 2016-144, Collection and Management of Waste and Recyclables
Director Bryan Robinson, Public Works, brought forward a report that reflected proposed updates to By-law 2016-144, A By-Law for Collection and Management of Waste and Recyclables Within the City of Kawartha Lakes. The report outlined wording changes to the By-law that would ensure operations are clearer and more efficient, such as clarifying storage bin requirements, specifications for fibre materials and to help address wording for private waste collection bins to reduce illegal dumping concerns. Robinson clarified that within the report and through the updates, there are no proposed changes to the level of service. The updates will be brought forward to the November 16 Council meeting for Council to approve. The report was moved and received as printed.

Updates to street sweeping level of service policy
A report was brought forward to Committee of the Whole at the request of Council to review alternatives to amend to the current Street Sweeping Policy. Staff recommended to increase the amount of contracted resources by four additional street sweepers to help shorten the duration of the spring activity. The primary reasons for sweeping services in the spring are to prevent winter control materials from entering the storm sewer infrastructure, to improve motoring safety and reduce nuisance dust. Council received the report as written, noting that the request of an additional $81,000 would be part of the 2022 budget. The report was received as printed and will be brought forward to Regular Council for approval.

Winter level of service review and update
At the June 15 meeting, Council adopted a resolution to make the pilot program for sidewalk winter maintenance in Downtown Lindsay permanent to match the same level of service as other downtown areas in Kawartha Lakes. An additional resolution was also adopted at that meeting to adjust the trigger height for roadside snow removal down in designated areas from .9 metres to .5metres. The report brought forward reflected the needed amendments to the existing policies to ensure that these additions to level of service are acknowledged in addition to administrative amendments to bring the Policy in line with Minimum Maintenance Standards (O.Reg. 239/02). This ensures that the department can monitor, control and maintain any liabilities associated with those standards. The report was received as printed and will be brought forward to Regular Council for approval.

Private and unassumed roads policy
At the request of Council, a report was brought forward to Committee of the Whole outlining proposed amendments to the existing policy, CP2017-010 Assumption of Private and Unassumed Roads Policy. The amendments include definition clarification, procedural accountability clarification and updates to the criteria required for roads to be considered for assumption. The report was received as printed and will be brought forward to the November 16 Council meeting for approval.

Council Memo
Councillor Richardson brought forward a memo asking staff to review the By-law that restricts commercial truck traffic on rural roads. Staff will bring a report back by March 2022 and will consider all restrictions and enforcement on all roads in the municipality, including the ones outlined in the Councillor’s memo: Yelverton Road, Ballyduff Road, Waite Road and Drum Road.

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