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Committee of the Whole Highlights – September 12

Committee of the Whole Highlights banner with image of Council in Council Chambers

Committee of the Whole Highlights banner with image of Council in Council Chambers
Kawartha Lakes –
The following are highlights of the Committee of the Whole meeting on September 12, 2023.

The September 12 Committee of the Whole Meeting can be viewed in full on the City’s YouTube channel.

All recommendations made at Committee of the Whole will return to Regular Council for review and/or adoption on September 26, 2023.

Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service Updates

The morning session of the meeting focused on an update from the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service (KLPS). Chief Sara Johnston was joined by John Prno, Todd MacDonald from Performance Concepts Consulting, Hannah Mayes-Frenett from Operational Research in Health Limited (ORH) and Deputy Chief Jamie Golden. Chief Johnston highlighted provincial funding updates, noting the Dedicated Offload Nurse Program funding. The service is also celebrating exemplary service medals for staff; seven will receive 20-year medals, and two will receive 30-year medals for both longstanding and exemplary service. Recruitment efforts are ongoing to ensure new recruits are available to serve the community.

The Paramedic Master Plan states that work load demand for paramedics in Kawartha Lakes is escalating due to population growth, an Aging Tsunami, and public propensity to call 911. As a result, call volumes will continue to rise over the next decade and in-service time for paramedics will also rise. The report recommends that additional resources get added to KLPS before the upcoming Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) growth materializes. A new Master Plan will also be required around 2026 to 2027 to account for the MZO growth game changer.

View the Paramedic Service Master Plan Refresh report.

The report’s key findings include an increased demand for service and resources to help meet the forecasted increase in call volume. Projected call volumes in 2022 were 22,355 that number is anticipated to jump to 32,014 by 2031. The report also includes an update on financial performance and human resources, an increase in fleet operational costs, and the need to develop meaningful measurements for stakeholder satisfaction.

View the Paramedic Service Operational Key Performance Indicators report.

View the 2024 Response Time Performance Plan report.

Overview of the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit’s Climate Change Health Vulnerability Assessment

Sue Shikaze, Health Promoter, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit presented to Council the assessment that was recently published and which focuses on six climate related hazards:

  1. Extreme temperatures – Projections show there will be about three times as many hot days by 2050 without significant emission reductions.
  2. Extreme weather and natural events – Flooding, power outages, wild fires and severe storms are current and future weather hazards in all municipalities.
  3. Vector-borne diseases – Longer warm seasons create more favourable conditions for the survival and reproduction of insects that carry diseases, such as West Nile Virus and Lyme disease.
  4. Air Quality – Breathing in air pollutants, such as smoke due to forest fires, can worsen existing allergies and respiratory illnesses, and increase risk of heart disease and stroke.
  5. Safe food and water
  6. Exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation

Annual monitoring, education and outreach programs are in place to assist the community to adapt and be resilient to climate related risks. A partner advisory group has formed and will work with partner agencies and the community to prepare an action plan by December 2023.

View the Climate Change and Health at HKPR presentation here.

Clean and Clear By-Law

The City’s Solicitor presented the Report concerning the Yard Clean and Clear By-law 2014-026. The proposed amendments to the By-law include allowing native plants (weeds) and grass exceeding 8 inches in height to encourage more pollinator-friendly projects within urban areas within the municipality. Plant diversity and naturalization will also allow for increased carbon and rainwater capture, making urban areas more resilient to climate change. The extended permissions are based on the 2019 Healthy Environment Plan, Lake Management Plans and the City’s designation as a Bee City. 

This by-law is to be read in conjunction with the Weed Control Act, which prohibits noxious weeds. The City’s Municipal Law Enforcement Division will continue to respond to complaints under the Weed Control Act.  

Public consultation on Jump In Kawartha Lakes showed that of 450 respondents, 85 percent were in favour of allowing grass to grow longer than eight inches in urban residential and commercial areas. 

Other amendments include lessening the timelines for a property owner to address infractions, such as garbage on a lawn, from 14 days to three days. Within Lindsay, property owners must continue to maintain boulevards adjacent to their properties to ensure safety with respect to road and sidewalk use. 

Council will discuss the item at the September 26 Regular Council meeting. Subscribe to receive notification of agendas.

View the Proposed Amendments to Yard Clean and Clear By-Law to Permit Long Grass and Native Plant in Urban Areas report.

Proposed Amendments to the Disposal of Real Property Policy – Affordable Housing First

The Disposal of Real Property Policy (CP2021-033) sets out the processes to be followed by Kawartha Lakes in the disposal and sale of its property and ensures that returns are fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the municipality. Staff are requesting that amendments be made to the policy that will specify that any municipality owned property proposed for surplus declaration will be reviewed by the Land Management Team and the Manager of Housing to determine if the property would be suitable for an affordable housing development. The report also identifies a number of municipality owned properties which may be available for affordable housing developments to assist with meeting the 2019 to 2029 Affordable Housing targets, as well as properties that could become available in 2031 to 2051.

View the Proposed Amendments to the Disposal of Real Property Policy – Affordable Housing First report.


Councillor Perry brought the Memorandum Regarding an Evaluation of the City’s Roads Program to Council. The motion was to move as printed and it was passed.

Councillor Ashmore brought the Memorandum Regarding the Closure of Lady Eaton Elementary School, Omemee to Council. The motion was to move as printed; motion failed.

Next Council meeting
Council will return for a Regular Council Meeting at 1pm on September 26.

Public attendance in Council Chambers is welcome. The meeting will be broadcast live on the City’s YouTube Channel and broadcast live on Cogeco cable television.

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