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Committee of the Whole Highlights


Kawartha Lakes – For the November 5, 2019 Committee of the Whole full agenda, minutes and video, please visit our Council Calendar.

Draft Agricultural and Food Action Plan

Lunar Rhythm GardensA new Agricultural and Food Action Plan has been built in partnership with farmers, agri-businesses, staff and the Agricultural Development Advisory Committee. It will support the sector throughout 2020-2024 and aligns with all other related master plans and studies.

Vision: The Agriculture and Food Cluster is a leader in the use of science and innovation, collaboration, education and farm to fork excellence. The Cluster is continuously improving and contributing to a healthy community, landscape and environment.

There are over 45 action items. Implementation will be a collaborative effort among a collective group of stakeholders throughout Kawartha Lakes to ensure success. The draft plan will be discussed with stakeholders to seek partnerships and firm up plans for municipal responsibilities. It will come back to Council in 2020. For more information, please contact

New Tourism Plan in development

canoeA five-year Destination Development Plan is being developed for building and managing the visitor economy in Kawartha Lakes. This sector is an important part of our economy and includes:  

  • Attraction of 1.6 million domestic visitors a year
  • Total domestic visitor spending of $106 million
  • 4,900 jobs impacted by tourism related businesses

The new Plan will focus on increasing spend per visitor, increasing length of stay and developing market-ready experiences in culinary tourism, cycle tourism, cultural tourism, experiential tourism and signature festivals and events. The plan will come to Council in February 2020. For information on stakeholder engagement sessions, please contact

New Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2020-2024

The goal of the new Making Waste Matter: Integrated Waste Management Strategy is to guide Kawartha Lakes towards an overall residential diversion rate of 70% by 2048 through the phased implementation of strategically-chosen initiatives, operational updates and education activities. Since the Strategy was adopted in 2015 the residential diversion rate has increased from 39% to 43%, which is a great success for the municipality. Download a copy of the draft strategy.

10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan refreshed
housing icon
Kawartha Lakes Council received the refreshed 2020-2029 Housing and Homelessness Plan, which builds off the achievements of the previous plan. As a result of the previous plan, 81 new housing units were completed, 48 units are currently under construction and approximately 67 more units are in pre-development phases. To increase the supply of affordable housing, 57 additional housing allowances were also established and 100 first time home buyers received down payment assistance.

For the new plan, Council adopted a Moving Forward Model that will seek aggressive targets to address our housing needs. After receiving the plan, Council recommended that they continue to receive an annual update on progress towards the targets. Download a copy of the new plan.


Voluntary Ban on Styrofoam and Single Use Plastics

Council has received the report recommending a voluntary ban on single use plastics. Businesses will be encouraged to choose alternatives to single use plastics (utensils, straws, plastic bags). The report also removes Styrofoam from the curbside recycling stream. Styrofoam will be collected in clear bags and sent to the landfills as it is no longer a material that can be recycled. The public can help by choosing products and services from businesses that offer eco-friendly options. Council also asked that the City lead the voluntary ban wherever possible in municipal facilities and through purchasing standards.

Why and how to list properties on the Heritage Registry

Council received a presentation on listing properties on the Heritage Register. We currently have 81 individually designated properties and two heritage Conservation Districts (downtown Lindsay and Oak Street in Fenelon Falls). There are many more heritage resources throughout the municipality, particularly in rural areas. Find out more about the steps involved in adding a property to the Heritage Registry.

Seven properties are proposed to be added to the Registry:

  1. Christ Church Anglican Church, BobcaygeonMackenzie Inn
  2. Central Senior Public School, Lindsay
  3. Cherry Tree Lodge, Sturgeon Point
  4. Bank of Toronto, Omemee (Currently TD Bank)
  5. Mackenzie Inn, Kirkfield
  6. Old Bethany Post Office, Bethany
  7. SS #12 (former local school), Oakwood (currently Oakwood Library)

Backyard Chickens

A deputation resulted in a Council request that staff come back by September 30, 2020 with options on permitting backyard chickens. An ongoing project to consolidate Rural Zoning By-Laws is taking into consideration the zoning for backyard chickens. Staff will also bring forward options for zoning within urban areas.

Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) disbanded

The TAC has had difficulty recruiting membership for the past several years, and on many occasions, has been unable to meet quorum. The current membership of the TAC has confidence that Lindsay Transit would be better served working with the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC). The Transportation Working Group of the AAC has been consulted in bus design for Lindsay Transit, participated in the formation of the Lindsay Transit Master Plan and continues to provide ideas and opinions for transportation and transit decision makers. Read the report.

Final decisions made November 19

All recommendations from the November 5 meeting will be brought forward to Council for consideration at the next Regular Council Meeting on November 19 at 1pm. Tune into our YouTube channel to watch the livestream of the meeting, or attend City Hall, 26 Francis Street, Lindsay.

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