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Composting: Breaking it down for beginners

Backyard Composter

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Kawartha Lakes - Did you know that you can divert 30% (or more!) of your household waste through backyard composting? Starting June 9 and every Wednesday (while supplies last) from 9am to 12pm, residents can come to the Lindsay Ops landfill and get a free backyard composter!

In order to receive a free composter, you must be willing to provide us with your contact information to participate in a survey in the fall of 2021 on your experience composting. One composter will be given per household, while supplies last. 

Why use a Backyard Composter?

  • keeps up to 30% of your household waste out of landfills
  • easy to use, can be used year round
  • helps the environment
  • compost will help your garden keep moisture in the soil after rain or watering
  • you will have less of a need for chemical fertilizers
  • cost free and chemical free soil enricher
  • provides plants with nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous

What goes in a Backyard Composter?
Compost production requires a 50/50 mixture of green material (such as fruits and vegetable scraps) and brown material (such as paper bags). Green materials are nitrogen-rich and rot easily such as food waste whereas brown materials are carbon-rich and often fibrous. Each are equally important and play different roles in ensuring your composter creates successful compost. Other materials can also be added to your composter in moderation. Visit our Diversion Programs page to learn more about what goes in your composter.

Free wood chips will also be back in stock on Wednesday June 9. Wood chips will also be available every Wednesday while supplies last. Bring your own shovel and containers for loading your vehicle. At this time, compost material is currently unavailable.

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