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Covid-19 Update 19 - Kawartha Lakes declares State of Emergency

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Kawartha Lakes – Today Mayor Letham enacted a declaration of a State of Emergency. This decision is in line with the previous Provincial declaration. It will allow the municipality to mobilize local resources where needed to support front line health care partners and emergency services to support the COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

“The situation before us is accelerating. There will be more positive cases in the coming days. Our front line health care workers are in need of additional support. By declaring a State of Emergency, we are able to deploy municipal resources to help the health care system fight the spread of COVID-19 and care for those who have become ill,” stated Mayor Letham.

Mayor Letham went on to underline the important steps for the public to be taking immediately. “This is a worldwide pandemic. Closer to home, the province has called a State of Emergency. We support the province and our declaration is in line with those decisions. It’s a community response. The lines of government fall away and we all need to work together.”

All municipal buildings and all non-essential services have been closed to the public.

A complete list of services affected is available at

All municipal resources are solely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic response, emergency services and supporting our vulnerable populations until April 5.

We appreciate your patience as we look after the most urgent needs of the community.

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