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Covid-19 Update 26: A message from the Mayor

March 30 Message from the Mayor

An important message from Mayor Letham on Covid-19.

"Good afternoon. Today is March 30.

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to unfold, our sole focus remains on stopping the spread, supporting our front-line workers and maintaining critical services.

This past weekend, there was a large increase in the number of deaths reported at Pinecrest. The news is devastating and continues to display the gravity of the situation we are all going through.

All levels of government are working towards fighting this virus by implementing policies and enforcements where possible. Our municipality is dedicated to putting community safety first, so I want to reiterate what’s currently in place to keep everyone safe:

  • All municipal buildings are closed. Only vital services are continuing. All park amenities are closed including playgrounds.
  • All businesses who provide non essential services are closed.
  • For those businesses who need to remain open, please take precautions to keep yourself, staff and customers safe. A lot of stores have done a great job enforcing safety measures, such as limiting how many customers can enter at one time, creating distancing inside the store or having Plexiglas in place to protect face to face contact.

The province has just announced today we’re experiencing yet another record single-day jump in confirmed cases across Ontario. The most important thing you can do is stay home.

You’re not just staying home, you’re staying safe.
You’re not just social distancing, you’re protecting others.
You’re not just isolating, you’re saving lives.

Thank you. "

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