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COVID-19 Update 28. April 1, 2020. A message from the Mayor

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Watch the latest update from Mayor Letham: 

"Good afternoon, it’s Wednesday April 1, 2020.

I just want to take a minute and think about how different our conversations were a month ago on March 1.

The safety of our home, Kawartha Lakes, and its residents continues to be the number one priority for all of us.

The tragedy at Pinecrest nursing home has made the national news and the media continues to report on the numbers coming from the home.

As local residents, let’s not lose focus that these are not just stats. These numbers represent parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings and most importantly, loved ones. Together, lets make sure that we are remembering who they were as people, people who grew up here and who were apart of shaping the community we all enjoy today. The two words that immediately come to mind are heartbroken, and frustrated. Our hearts are very heavy as the situation continues to unfold and we're frustrated because we are all wondering what more we can do to help. And that still remains, staying at home and keeping your distance from others.

Ontario has further extended their state of emergency for at least another two weeks.  

With that being said, we continue to focus on critical services only, echoing announcements about public safety by being risk-adverse and closing all municipal spaces where contact may occur. Stay informed as we continue to evaluate those services levels and we will have further updates moving forward later this week.

Thank you and stay safe."


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