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COVID-19 Update 31 - A message from Mayor Letham on Friday, April 3

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Kawartha Lakes - See below for the latest update from Mayor Letham

Good afternoon, its Friday April 3.

Yesterday, we issued a release with the latest service updates for Kawartha Lakes.

All municipal and recreational areas are closed. This means all buildings, parks, beaches and anywhere where gathering may occur. We have also increased the curbside limit of garbage bags from two to three. As a municipality, we are doing our best to serve the public, while keeping safety and critical services a priority. I want to remind you, we are still in a state of emergency, provincially and locally.

I cannot overstate the importance of following the rules listening to what the health experts are saying. In some areas, legal enforcement is starting to take place because of those not getting the importance of staying home. I do not want Kawartha Lakes to be in a position where we need to take lawful action to get you to listen. Remember, everyone needs to stay home so we can contain this crisis. The more you go out, the more you put yourself and others at risk.

Recent news continues to show the devastation of this pandemic. Nursing homes across the world, including our very own Pinecrest, are in critical conditions because the virus has made its way indoors. My heart continues to be heavy as we hear about what the residents, staff and families continue to go through

The message for the weekend is straight forward. Three simple words. Just stay home.


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